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The Christmas season is all about giving and good will toward our fellow man. While Obama, his administration and Congress have given the shaft to our military along with many more sections of America, there are those Americans of good will who are preparing to spend part of their Christmas time making and delivering hot, home-cooked meals to those who may not get one. No, this is not a traditional meals on wheels program, but it is the brain child of Kari Fisher, CEO of Missing Truck Driver Alert Network.

The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network is an organization that helps with locating truckers that have fallen off the radar. This past Thanksgiving, when a trucker posted on the organization’s Facebook page he would miss getting a home-cooked meal, Fisher realized that many other truckers may feel the same way. Taking immediate action, Fisher contacted drivers who would be interested in meals and volunteers who could deliver them. The response resulted in 31 meals being delivered to truckers who were away from home on Thanksgiving. The program Meals for 18 Wheels was born.

For Christmas, Fisher sent her 3000 Facebook followers invitations to either request meals or volunteer to deliver meals. So far, there have been 250 people in 42 states sign up to bring home-cooked dinners to truckers on the road who will not be home with their family. Fisher’s partner in Meals for 18 Wheels, Crystal Schoonmaker, knows how difficult it is on the road away from home at the holidays since she is married to a truck driver. Schoonmaker states, “It’s hard to eat healthy and it can be very expensive.” The concept is a simple, but effective one – adopt a trucker and deliver a meal. The Meals for 18 Wheels will be directing meal deliveries for December 23 through December 27.

There are approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States. When any American goes to buy any product, you can bet that product at some point was transported and delivered by one of these 3.5 million professional drivers. Even the fuel you put in your car to get to the store was delivered by a truck driver. It is taken for granted by many that shelves in stores are usually full and gas for vehicles is readily available. Often, it is forgotten that someone and their family made a sacrifice to get it there. Trucks carrying their cargo and freight run the highways 24/7 365 days per year. Some drivers are away from their families during the holidays.

With the Meals for 18 Wheels program, it is a way for Americans to give back some appreciation for those individuals who make our lives a bit easier and who are willing to stand up against tyranny, as many did during the October protest in Washington.

Jeff Bridwell, a trucker from Springfield, Missouri, was one trucker who received a meal this past Thanksgiving. Bridwell’s wife posted a request for a meal at 1 pm on Thanksgiving Day and by 6 pm, Bridwell, along with his driver trainee, was meeting a volunteer in Olney, Illinois to receive a meal. According to Bridwell, he and his trainee received so much food they were able to share with other truckers. Since Bridwell will be spending Christmas at home, he is planning to pay it forward by providing a meal to a trucker on the road at Christmas time.

While Obama may want the talk around the Christmas dinner table to center on Obamacare, it would behoove Obama, his administration and Congress to remember that their meal would not be possible without the hard working truck drivers of America. Not only should these individuals thank God for the bounty at their dinner table, they should pray for the safety of those men and women out on the road bringing the goods to the American public. In fact, we all should remember these truckers in our prayers.

If you would like to participate in the Meals for 18 Wheels between December 23 and 27, visit their Facebook page, Meals for 18 Wheels, to volunteer to bring a home-cooked meal to one of many hardworking men and women out there making our holiday, and every day, easier. As one who is part of a trucking family, I can tell you it will be greatly appreciated.

From my family to all of yours, Merry Christmas.

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