Military Training or Making Their Presence Known?


According to reports by different news agencies there have been several military training exercises going on in public this past week.

According to ABC news today on Houston’s south side.

HOUSTON (KTRK) — SkyEye 13 HD was over the south side where at first look, it appears there’s a massive SWAT scene happening. People have been calling police, as well as our newsroom, saying they’re hearing gunshots in the area of Scott and Airport. It turns out, the Army says, it’s a multi-agency training drill. They’re doing it at the old Carnegie High School.

Helicopters were also involved. The Army isn’t giving any details of what the training is about.

So if you see the helicopters or hear gunfire, it’s only a drill.

While another drill has also been reported by CBS Miami that black military helicopters were training over I-395 in downtown Miami on Thursday. Video footage shows the military is using what appears to be live ammunition in a supposed training drill.

The training is designed to ensure that military personnel are able to operate in urban areas and to focus on preparations for overseas deployment. It also serves as a mandatory training certification requirement. A similar operation took place in April 2011 in Miami’s Brickell area, which frightened many residents in the area.

This time, the training operations were held away from residential areas.

Although CBS Miami reported that the training operations were held away from residential areas. Video footage from that the military was indeed in downtown Miami. In the video you can also hear machine gun fire. Channel 7 is playing it off, saying there is nothing to be concerned about. It is only a joint military exercise for the preparation of overseas operations, as well as making sure their equipment is working properly.

Being that I am an ex-military wife and have been around the military bases, and their training, I do not believe their excuse that it is the military making sure their equipment was working properly, and that it is for training overseas. I have never known our military to check their systems operations and functions in public venues, not even after 9/11.

What do you think? Are they just training for overseas operations? Or are they making their presence known, trying to desensitize the public for what is about to come? Do you think this is the beginning of stricter martial law? What is your opinion?

Those whom do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Wake up America.

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