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Beyond a shadow of any doubt, the vast majority of Americans are fed up with the current State of the Union. In April of 2013, a poll performed indicated that 29% of Americans believed that an armed revolution might be necessary within the next few years, and in the last 15 months that number most likely has escalated dramatically.

So, let’s turn this column into a “think tank.”

The question is, where do you stand? If in a power grab, Obama incited a race war or a mass form of “terrorist attack” fueled by foreign insurgents and federal “covert actors” controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood operating out of the Homeland Security, and We the People were forced to go to war with federal mercenaries in defense of our Constitution; of what side of History would you be on? And even more importantly, once the Militia has victory, who would be in charge of them?

These are very important questions lest, as History testifies, an emperor dethroned can most certainly create a void for a new form of tyranny. Also, another question that arises is, how do we support and finance such a venture unseen since this nation’s inception?

To begin with, let’s assume that you favor the idea of a governmental overhaul; the question then arises, How do you show your support of the movement in the face of a “media” that states otherwise? The elites have most certainly ensured that cable TV time’s costs exceed the pockets of the general and loosely united populace; and they most certainly possess the “air” that we are not intelligent nor brave enough to show that we stand united.

Recently, I had a conversation with an officer from the Florida state militia who informed me that various state militias are taking turns guarding the Bundy ranch much as active soldiers do on deployment; and, that various other militias are monitoring the Red River region between Oklahoma and Texas that the feds are looking to grab and take by force if necessary.

Make no mistake about it, the traitors in DC are so up to their necks in corruption ranging from drug running to murder that they dare not turn from Agenda 21 lest their deeds be revealed by foreign insiders leading the project. If you think the Bundy standoff created a “stalemate,” think again; the feds are already planning a major psych op against the American people to turn them against the “We the People” and instill an allegiance to the sodomite prince born in Africa-raised in Indonesia- and inserted by the United Nations for an all out takeover
beyond every national park that was given them in 1971.

From the NY Times manipulation of Mr. Bundy’s words to the reputed to be instigated “Summer of Rage” designed to further polarize for a martial law initiation; We the People MUST create a “mainstream media” of our own. With an estimated 50,000 members of We the People mobilized, the Militia Today is a rapidly growing positive influence that must be nurtured and evangelized.

And so we come to this plan of action: We are creating a website designed to create for We the People a manner to separate the civil powers of the Militia. Today from the military aspects required to stand our ground in maintenance of our Constitution and National Sovereignty. But, like our military in foreign lands need support, so do our brothers and sisters who serve in “Armed Rapid Response” teams who are defending your Constitutional Rights, National Sovereignty, you and your neighbors, as well as the future of your children.

Although several pages are already created as a temporary “outpost” until a more skilled individual can be found to complete and maintain, it is far from finished and will sport the following applications:

A Web TV software is being installed that will host (as is to be negotiated with the current militia at the Bundy ranch) as a premier a reality show similar unto “Duck Dynasty,” but will feature the men and women volunteering to guard the ranch as pertaining their personal reasons and daily life in expectancy of an armed assault upon the compound. It will also feature other activities such as the Militia buildup around the Red River, and various other as created features such as training and prepping, etc…,

The show will also premiere a “new” form of “preaching” we call “Political Evangelism” which will be uniform unto the Black Robed Regiment of the American Revolution; a series entitled “What People Really Think” which will poll people about various issues; and an online debate platform for a third political party entitled “13 Candidates” which will vie for election among Independents.

Although time and space prevent an exhaustive expose’ thereof, you are encouraged to view the site (, and purchase the only item currently available which is an Ebook entitled “Mysticism in Politics, Religion, and the Occult” in exchange for a $13 donation to this cause. If the Spirit doth enable you to see the vision, and you are prompted to assist, then please contact me at [email protected] and I will personally respond. Those that cannot afford $13 nor are able to assist with technical aspects are asked to present your ideas on how we may further the agenda on this forum.

Where there is no vision, the people perish… Prov. 29:18

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