Mistaking Trump for Hateful Obama


Obama made America great again. Trump made America hate again” – Occupy Democrats’ fascist propaganda

If the nation is currently politically polarized, that’s due to President Obama. Who else has been in charge but him? For eight years, he and his progressive minions have badly ruled the roost. For example, who demonized the police when he said, “The cops acted stupidly” back in 2009? Further, who promoted the idea regarding his critics: ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends’ in 2010? The only one promoting years of divisiveness and hatred has been orator Obama. As Democrat Harry Truman said of the U.S. presidency: the buck stops with him. That means every president. Is Mr. Truman wrong and Occupy Democrats right?

The fact remains that Donald Trump is not even in office yet! So, no reasonable person—or group—can blame the new guy for the acrimonious state of our nation. Therefore, Occupy Democrats’ claims—and slogans, exemplified above—are patently absurd on their face. They are anti-American fascists—and their fiction is not to be trusted.

Part of living in a democracy means accepting the results of our periodic elections. Why should 2016 be any different than 2008 or 2012? Not to do so now is frankly un-American. If Hillary had won, conservatives would not have liked it. Still, adults suck it up and honor the outcome.

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That’s a fundamental difference between today’s rabble-rousing liberals and us. We actually respect the other guy when our candidate loses. Even a radical like Obama! As proof, despite his murky background, no Republican tried to derail or boycott Obama’s inaugurations with claims of illegitimacy. Thus, it’s inexcusable for bogus Democrats to do so now with President-elect Trump.

In 2009, Mr. Obama put such matters succinctly: “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” He has never spoken truer words. It’s good advice that followers of Occupy Democrats should heed in 2017.

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