Mitt Romney On Homosexuals in Boy Scouts (1994)


In 1994, Romney billed himself as a champion for gay rights. He also served on the board of the Boy Scouts of America, which discriminates against homosexuals. When asked during a debate what he had done to help gays in the Boy Scouts, Mitt abdicated his responsibility and gave a non-answer.

0:00:00.149,0:00:04.630 mr Romney you say you’re a moderate on

social issues one who will defend

0:00:04.630,0:00:09.280 abortion rights equal rights for women

for blacks and for gays in fact you say

0:00:09.280,0:00:13.049 you will do more to promote gay rights

then senator kennedy

0:00:13.049,0:00:17.239 you also sit on the national executive

board of the boy scouts of america which

0:00:17.239,0:00:22.329 has an exclusionary policy banning gay

members do you support that policy and

0:00:22.329,0:00:26.789 have if not have you ever done anything

as a board member to oppose it

I have let my views be known

0:00:28.670,0:00:32.960 i had been to one board meeting now at the

national boy scouts of america board. I

0:00:32.960,0:00:35.570 believe that the boy scouts of america

does a wonderful service for this

0:00:35.570,0:00:39.220 country i support the right of the boy

scouts of america to decide what it

0:00:39.220,0:00:43.370 wants to do on that issue. I feel that all

people should be allowed to participate

in the boy scouts regardless of their sexual orientation

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Mitt Romney on Discrimination & the Boy Scouts (1994)