Was Mohammad a Terrorist?


The title of this article represents the best way I know of to address America’s greatest foreign threat. Curiously, I can’t recall anybody asking this question to Barack Obama. This is a question that

  • Obama is terrified of
  • Republicans don’t ask
  • Libertarians are afraid of
  • Fox News doesn’t ask

Why is it that no one is asking our leaders the right question?

When I was in high school, I didn’t like history. History was then, and is now, taught inductively: Here are a bunch of facts, go make sense of them. Other than the most naïve conclusions—it is good to be the king, people do evil things for money…–I never did figure out how to string these facts onto a common line.

After stumbling upon Jude Wanniski’s, The Way the World Works, which taught history deductively, I suddenly became passionate about history. Nathan Lewis’, Gold: The Once and Future Money, became another outstanding source of inspiration.

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Hitting the group-think sweet spot, the West’s universal paradigm of teaching history inductively has a value of less than zero. Such victims of historical induction not only do not understand the principles which build and destroy empires, the principles of natural law, but they become disenchanted with history. Their upshot of history becomes a disparaging, “Things happen.”


Seen in light of our discussion of the inductive vs. deductive teaching of history, our question, “Was Mohammad a Terrorist?” forces a deductive line of thought on Islam.

If Mohammad was a terrorist, and Mohammad is the example for all Muslims (which the Koran tells us dozens of times that he is), then our gentle Muslim neighbor is

  • not a good Muslim
  • contributing to the moral cover of an evil ideology

Just last week Rupert Murdoch sent the tweet heard ’round the world: “Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.”

But if Mohammad was a terrorist, then as long as they are Muslim, the “peaceful” Muslims should be held responsible. They are yelling, “Fire!” in our tinderbox culture. Civilization, we remind ourselves, is not the norm of human history. In other words, Rupert was not speaking from a Western perspective of liberty, natural law and unalienable rights, but was still uttering Islam-is-good multicultural tripe.

But even in the aftermath of the Islamic murders on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, Murdoch’s multicultural tripe is offensive to our hyper-multicultural zealots and Muslims and caused a twitter feud.

But if moral equivalence magically collapses the Savior of the world into the world’s terror chieftain, then the multiculturalist J. K. Rowling‘s snarky tweet, “I was born Christian. If that makes Rupert Murdoch my responsibility, I’ll auto-excommunicate,” is the soup de jour.

Introduce your multicultural acquaintances with this verboten question, and watch how quickly they will mock you or demonize you for asking such an offensive and inappropriate question. Press the question and soon it is either intellectual “game over” or they suffer a psychological meltdown.

You see multiculturalists are passionate about their treason.

Recently, Brother Rashid posted a fantastic gentle rebuke to our multiculturalist-in-chief. At 7:33 Rashid says, “Mr. President, if you really want to fight terrorism, then fight it at the root…. If you want to fight terrorism, then fight it there.” Can you imagine a reporter picking up on this video, educating himself and then foisting our question to Obama while relentlessly and patriotically holding slippery Obama to the facts about Mohammad? Such patriotism would send multiculturalism back to that hear no- see no- speak no- evil of Islam corner of hell from which it came.

In contrast, Shawn Hannity had a star-studded program on “Radical Islam.” Yet the name suggests that either Hannity doesn’t know what he’s talking about or the partly Muslim-owned Fox News is bowing to her Islamic ownership. Or both. Incredibly, Hannity manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. At 8:48 Hannity asks former Green Beret Benjamin Collins, “So Muslims are moving in [to Western countries]. How do you determine which Muslims want freedom and which maybe perhaps want to come in and implement Sharia law? How do these Western countries decide who gets in and who doesn’t get in?”

But Shawn, if Mohammad was a terrorist and these folks are patterning themselves after Mohammad, then all Muslims are cut from the same doctrinal cloth as Mohammad. If Mohammad was a terrorist and an evangelist for terrorism, then all Muslims, by definition, are doctrinal terrorists. How can granting doctrinal terrorists citizenship be the premise of your foreign policy, Shawn?

But ask the right question, and it is amazing to see how the conversation will go.

By the way, should anyone prove that Mohammad was not a terrorist, a $50,000.00 prize is yours. Good luck with that though, this prize has been tendered for over a decade now and no one has been able to claim it. But such facts don’t derail the treasonous Obama foreign policy chanting, “The US is not, and will never be, at war with Islam.”

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