Moms Demand Action Oklahoma employ Alinsky tactics


“A good tactic is one your people enjoy. If your people are not having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.” (Alinsky, Rules for Radicals)

This is Alinsky’s sixth rule of power tactics in Rules for Radicals, and it puts into sharp perspective the reason the left engages in many of the behaviors it does. They simply enjoy deliberately destroying the reputations of good people through their deceitful lies and distortions of the truth. It’s as if everything that motivates the left revolves around feelings of resentment and hatred. Their purpose is driven by a jealously that compels them to put others in their place simply for being successful or believing in something they don’t. Oklahoma Open Carry Association’s experience with Moms Demand Action this past weekend is a perfect example to draw upon to illustrate this point.

As I wrote in my last article, concerning this topic, MDA was actually kicked out of a Chipotle restaurant for harassing people lawfully exercising their second amendment rights. After I had finished, it had come to my attention that Moms Demand Action Oklahoma had actually posted on their Facebook page comments about how they were harassed by a bunch of big scary men with guns. They were trying to give the impression that we were intimidating them simply for asking them questions, and they said we were intimidating their “moms” on the scene. I’m sorry, but there were only two people there and if one of them was a mother, there are bigger issues that need to be dealt with. Anyone who posted on their page the truth about what happened was immediately deleted. Go ahead and post something on their page and see what they do.

It’s interesting that they would lie like this because while engaging in conversation with them, the leader, whom I will refer to as Mr. Mom, kept insisting that he respected our views, and his group was simply advocating for more “sensible” gun laws. The one woman who was present also alluded to the idea that she believed I was a good hearted person who cared about senseless violence as much as she did, we just saw things differently. The picture below shows MDA activist and OKOCA V.P. shaking hands in a gesture of friendship, so why the need to discredit us? Why do they feel need to post on their Facebook page that we were a bunch of big scary men who set out to intimidate and harass them?

I will tell you why, because it’s fun for them to destroy the reputations of good people in order to get their way. They care for nothing else except accomplishing their agenda and they will lie, cheat and steal all the way if need be. Remember, when it comes to “left’s agenda,” by any means necessary is their creed.


(Mr. Mom) from Moms demand Action Oklahoma shaking hands with Oklahoma open carry association V.P.


(Mr. Mom) from Moms demand Action Oklahoma shaking hands with Oklahoma open carry association V.P.

In many of my articles, in fact almost all of them, I discuss my social work education and my exposure to the Alinsky method. While in many instances I write in an effort to warn people that this is what your kids are learning, I have to say that I’m glad I learned what I did because I intend to use it in order to throw the lies and deceit of the left right back at them. I’m going to have fun doing it too, because anyone who is going to attempt to discredit a group of veterans by calling them scary and intimidating, in an effort to deflect from their own failures, deserves to be humiliated and called to task.

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