More Climate Change Propaganda Unleashed – Obama Set To Issue His Own


Organizing for Action is preparing for “Action August” to begin whereby Jon Carson, president of Organizing for Action, will be “calling out” the climate change deniers standing in the way of progress in Washington. It is no surprise that an article in The Guardian appeared on Monday touting a climate study that shows “more than 1700 American cities and towns – including Boston, New York and Miami – are at greater risk from rising sea levels than previously feared….”

The analysis published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that “by 2100, the future of at least part of these 1700 locations will be “locked in” by greenhouse gas emissions built up in the atmosphere.” The “locked-in” date is not specific in nature but refers to a time when the future of the affected cities to be under water would be certain.

Benjamin Strauss, a researcher at Climate Change and author of the paper states, “Even if we could just stop global emissions tomorrow on a dime, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Gardens, Hoboken, New Jersey will be under sea level. Hundreds of American cities are already locked into watery futures and we are growing that group very rapidly. We are locking in hundreds more as we continue to emit carbon into the atmosphere.”

According to The Guardian:

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For the study, a location was deemed “under threat” if 25% of its current population lives below the locked-in future high-tide level. Some 1,700 places are at risk in this definition. Even if bar is set higher, at 50% of the current population, 1,400 places would be under threat by 2100.

The list of threatened communities spans Sacramento, California – which lies far from the sea but would be vulnerable to flooding in the San Joaquin delta – and Norfolk, Virginia. The latter town is home of America’s largest navy base, whose miles of waterfront installations would be at risk of being locked in to future sea level rises by the 2040s. The Pentagon has already begun actively planning for a future under climate change, including relocating bases.

About half the population of Cambridge, Massachusetts, across the Charles River from Boston and home to Harvard and MIT, could be locked in to a future below sea level by the early 2060s, the study found. Several coastal cities in Texas were also vulnerable.

But the region at highest risk was Florida, which has dozens of towns which will be locked by century’s end. The date of no-return for much of Miami would be 2041, the study found. Half of Palm Beach with its millionaires’ estates along the sea front would be beyond saving by the 2060s. The point of no return for other cities such as Fort Lauderdale would come before that.

“Pretty much everywhere it seems you are going to be under water unless you build a massive system of dykes and levees,” Strauss said.

Climate scientist Anders Levermann’s recent study, also published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that “each 1C rise in atmospheric warming would lead eventually to 2.3m of sea level rise.” The study factors in this figure with current carbon emissions along with the best estimate of global temperature sensitivity to pollution.

In other words, Levermann’s study used the “best guess” directive often referred to in Star Trek when variables are unknown and Spock needed to make adjustments to get the Enterprise out of danger. I doubt Mr. Levermann is as accurate as Mr. Spock in his “best guess” values. But, is that really important?

It seems the Pentagon is buying the climate change rhetoric as it was reported active planning is taking place for a future under climate change. I would guess that means spending more tax payer dollars on wasteful endeavors based on conflicting scientific data. How many banks would lend money to an individual for a business where market projections for profits were conflicting and inconclusive? Not many, if any, but our government doesn’t mind one bit throwing tax payer money out of the window while they seek to increase taxes even more.

Jon Carson, I am sure, will use this study during “Action August” in an attempt to scare the gullible public and Congress into buying “climate change” disaster scenarios. Let’s face facts here, New York has a large population base and Florida is home to many elderly Americans. In large part, coastal communities are big tourist destinations and home of some affluent individuals. This study is possibly enough to fuel their interest in maintaining not only their homes but their town’s tourism and business solvency. It doesn’t matter that these studies are skewed or this predicted climate change may never happen. The study does its job by inciting fear, producing an emotional response that results in knee-jerk reactions.

It follows the rhetoric, “same stuff, different day.”

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