Muslims & Leftists Plot Against Free Speech


I am set to speak at the Great Neck Synagogue in Great Neck, N.Y., on April 14. But last week, investigative journalist Tom Trento uncovered emails that reveal a coordinated leftist/Muslim campaign to intimidate synagogue officials into canceling my talk.

Within an hour after learning that I was set to speak, Habeeb U. Ahmed of the Islamic Center of Long Island and Commissioner of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission, wrote to a group of area leftist leaders: “Dear Friends, We need to stop her from coming to Great Neck. … Do we do a petition on the stationary of council of churches, The Interfaith Alliance and The Holocaust Center?? Her views are well known. She is the personification of an Islamophobe!!!”

The subsequent email exchange shows how the leftist/Muslim machine operates against freedom fighters. The leftist and Muslim anti-free speech thugs deploy their forces carefully, mirroring Sun Tzu and Muhammad in exploiting the arts of war. They opted, instead of going with a public petition, to go right to the top, target the leadership and apply enormous pressure at the most senior level.

In this case, they set their sights not only on the Great Neck Synagogue, but even on the Chief Rabbi of New York. In the email exchange, Claire Deroche, social justice coordinator of The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Shelter Rock in Manhasset, N.Y., wrote to the group: “The group I was speaking with last night who gave me this information suggested contacting other rabbis in the area who would then contact the Great Neck Synagogue. They also talked about contacting the chief rabbi of the big synagogue in Manhattan and asking him to contact Great Neck Synagogue.”

Their attempt to get Jews to come out against me was understandable – it’s a strategy that has succeeded well in the past. Part of their strategy is to divide and conquer. They have been wildly successful in splitting American Jews and weakening the forces opposing the jihad against the Jews. You never see Muslims protesting Islamic supremacists such as Imam Faisal Rauf or Reza Aslan. But there are always plenty of Jews protesting against defenders of Israel. I have never seen Muslims at pro-Israel rallies. I have seen plenty of Jews at anti-Israel rallies.

Their email campaign shows how this is done – how they use devious tactics to destroy people who speak out against the jihad and Islamic supremacism, mobilize lynch mobs of leftist activists and bully those who support freedom fighters until they cave.

In the Jewish Press, Ahmed later claimed that “Geller goes after Shariah law, and it is like asking an anti-Semite to come into a mosque.” Even worse, he said: “Free speech is not absolute, and Geller’s speech is like yelling fire in a crowded theater – that is not protected.”

What I do is not comparable to yelling fire in a theater – that is the practice of claiming that there is a problem when there is not one. What I am doing is yelling fire when there is a fire. Ahmed is trying to convince people that there is no threat from jihadists and Islamic supremacists, which is like telling people in a burning theater that there is no fire, and they should stay in their seats and watch the show.

Habeeb Ahmed is reportedly the uncle of Farhat “Daisy” Khan, the wife of the Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the unscrupulous Islamic supremacist grifter behind the failed attempt (which we successfully blocked) to plant a 16-story victory mosque at Ground Zero. He is also a political appointee, using his political position to harass a rabbi. What would happen to a political appointee who targeted an imam in this way? And who appointed this Islamic supremacist thug to the Nassau County Human Rights Commission?

The fact that Farhat and Habeeb are blood relatives shows that the Islamic supremacists are a small but powerful group that makes up in influence what it lacks in real numbers. They act as if they think they’re Don Corleone, maneuvering behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings of politicians. When the rock on their scheming over the Great Neck synagogue was lifted, we really saw how this machine operates – like the rackets, like the mafia.

Here’s how: Notice that they decided not to make a public call to cancel my talk. They didn’t go public because they knew that if they did, we would win. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people would call, write email, counter protest – speaking up and speaking out. And even if the goons and thugs had succeeded in getting the talk canceled, we would have won in the court of public opinion, just as we did when the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles canceled my talk there last summer.

And so instead of going public, this leftist/Islamic supremacist cabal worked in the shadows. Habeeb and his accomplices ordered their minions to make calls and intimidate the synagogue leaders – all on the QT, with nothing public – just some strong-arm calling. They wanted to make the cancellation of my talk happen before anybody knew what hit them.

But this time they didn’t succeed Great Neck’s Rabbi Dale Polakoff stated: “Great Neck Synagogue rejects the categorizing of any religious majority based on the actions of a minority. It does though believe that it is appropriate, and within the tenents of free speech, to speak about the actions of such a minority and to evaluate their impact on the perception of the majority of their co-religionists, and on the community in general. It is within such a framework that the Men’s Club has invited Pamela Geller to speak. She will be joined by Greg Buckley, Sr. father of Marine Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr., who was murdered by jihadists.” Bottom line: The talk will go on.

If they had succeeded, however, once the cancellation happened and became public and became the cause of a great controversy and scandal, the synagogue leaders wouldn’t have been able to go back and reverse themselves again to allow my talk, because they would have looked spineless and silly.

This is the difference between them and us. We operate in sunlight, and they operate covertly, under cover of darkness.

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