Muslims & Sodomites: Birds of a Feather…


We’ve been reporting on the push by Islamists in Texas against an anti-foreign laws bill that would render Shariah in America impotent (as though it actually needed such legislation). Angry Muslims voiced their opinions against such bills after the establishment of a Shariah tribunal in Texas back in January (a tribunal that was formed with deceptive “judges” claiming to be “attorneys.”) However, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne had become a heroine of sorts in putting her foot down to Islamists who seek to bring in Islamic law to Texas and she said that she won’t be deterred nor bullied.

This became the subject of The Sons of Liberty Radio show on Monday. Show host Bradlee Dean exposed exactly what Islam is about in America. It’s about the same thing that the militant sodomites are about here, mainly upending America’s laws and sovereignty.

While many Islamists believe they are above the law here in America, nothing could be further from the truth and those who are seeking to advance Islamic law above the laws of the land, are looking to violate the law.

“That is against the law!” Dean said. “But keep in mind that the head of CAIR in Texas (Herman Mustafa Carroll) said, ‘We are above the laws of the United States of America. We are just doing what the President of the United States is doing.'”

Hamas-CAIR has recently been branded a terror group as they have close ties to the designated terror group the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, Mr. Carroll and those who want to impose a Shariah tribunal and Shariah law upon the people of Texas heard from Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne. The mayor told unhappy Muslims to “respect, obey and embrace” the laws.

Dean then played a clip from a newscast in which they portrayed the Muslims as though they were being persecuted for their religion. The Sons of Liberty Radio host took issue with that saying that they believed it was persecution because they couldn’t come to America and establish their laws over the laws of the United States.

“This is exactly how the homosexuals react and respond to our laws,” he said. “What have they been doing over the last five and six and seven years in the United States of America?”

“To enforce the laws, is now to hate!” Dean thundered. “To enforce the laws… well, now if you do that, you’re called a bigot. It’s exactly what the Muslims are doing, friends.”

Thus Dean concluded, “Now we can understand why the Muslims and homosexuals are embracing one another in the United States of America.”

Indeed! Just as the Muslims are using the deceptive tactics (taqiyya) of the sodomites in claiming hate crimes, they are also seeking to overturn and manipulate the law to allow them to continue their criminal and illicit behavior.

Shariah cannot exist in American society. If it is allowed to breed, just as sodomy has been allowed to breed, our law will be turned on its head and instead of justice being enforced (something that desperately needs to be done now), nothing but injustice will be applied to the people.

Both the sodomites and the Muslim have only one hope to save them not only from their sin, but also from their ultimate end and that is found in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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