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To be forced to feed the monster that will eventually devour you, is not only evil but, is counterintuitive to the very spirit of freedom and survival.” –Richard Lynch

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a kick off for a congressional run for a friend of mine in Gastonia, North Carolina. Richard Lynch is running for the 10th District seat against incumbent Patrick McHenry.

I met Richard last February during a Second Amendment Tea Party rally. Richard is a constitutionalist and truly believes in limited government.

Lynch opened his time be having those of us in attendance view the first half of the following video (which I highly recommend to all, especially considering the recent Internal Revenue Scandals, which have actually gone on long before Barack Obama).

The film, America: Freedom to Fascism, was produced by Aaron Russo, who met an untimely death following the release of the film. The aim of the film was to expose the illegal nature of the income tax and the lack of forthcoming the IRS has had with the American people in failing to present the law that says anyone has to file and income tax return. If you have not seen this, it will astound you how the IRS is unwilling to point to a single law that forces Americans to file an income tax return.

Lynch said that there were a few questions that needed to be answered by individual American citizens if they are serious about addressing what is wrong in America.

  • Are you okay with being forced into surrendering your pay against your will to support the visions and philosophies of those you do not agree with?
  • Are you okay with being forced into supporting a government with no conscience or concern for future generation?
  • Are you okay with being forced to live under laws that are in direct contradiction to the supreme law of the land as well as the very laws of nature?
  • Are we willing to accept the force that is necessary for our political leaders to move forth with their agenda or do we value our freedom, our country, and our liberties. And more important do we value our children’s future?

Lynch believes that the problems we face are the “direct result of professional polished politicians filling our heads with empty campaign promises and political rhetoric.”

“We send these politicians to Washington where they manipulate the system to ensure that they remain in power thus leaving us with what we have today, a perpetuation of a political process that only works to ensure the continuation of power being held by the political elite; resulting in the further decline of our culture, values, and heritage,” Lynch said. “And what is one of the key elements in their ability to maintain the status quo? It is their shameless promise of going to Washington and bringing back the goodies.”

“Too many people are prostituting themselves to the point where they have accepted they must look to their pimps in Washington for their mere existence.”

According to Lynch, “We need people who would be willing to stand up against agencies such as the IRS. We need people who would be willing to go to Washington not sign off on a budget that spends the hard-earned money of the American people on frivolous, unethical and self-serving projects. We need people in Washington who understand that the difference between compromise and selling out is one you agree on what is right, while the other you accept what is wrong.”

“It is time the American people stop looking for someone to send to Washington who will bring them something back, and instead look for someone to go to Washington that will help them keep what they have!”

The NC congressional candidate said that the American people must start by securing the present. However, he said the security would not come in the form of “government regulations, laws, or programs. It will only come in the form of the American people having the freedom to exercise their God-given rights and to truly be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

Lynch has a passion for the people, because he is not a lawyer looking to gain the reins of power in Washington. He’s an ordinary guy just like any of those he seeks to represent.

In fact, during a discussion that he and I had a few weeks ago, I told Richard that I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go to Washington, DC to live. He agreed, but said he would be willing to endure it, if he was able to fight against the corruption in order that the future of his children and grandchildren, along with all other Americans, might be secure.

“I will go to Washington and I will fight for you,” Lynch said. “I will fight to bring honesty and integrity back to the halls of Congress. I will fight against those who would look to destroy our sovereignty and trample on our most basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I will fight to leave this country in better shape for generations to come. I know that modern-day speechwriters don’t like to use words like fight. Both first and foremost I’m not a speechwriter I am just simply a concerned American. And I believe the only way we will ever have a chance of restoring America to her greatness is we must be willing to fight and destroy those with a progressive agenda aimed at destroying America.”

He was recently featured on the Ron Paul Flix Facebook page after a picture of Lynch’s truck was posted.

Lynch’s website touts a five step plan for constitutional restoration:

  1. No bill to exceed 10 pages
  2. All bills are to be accompanied by Constitutional article authorizing said bill
  3. No content in the bill that does not pertain to the Title of the bill
  4. All Bills are to be written in laymen’s terms and posted online for seven days prior to introduction on the floor
  5. All bills requiring expenditures must disclose total costs, how the bill will be funded, who the beneficiaries are, who will pay, and sunset date

For more information on Richard’s campaign, visit his website.

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