Nearly Half Of All U.S. Muslims Believe Criticism Of Islam Should Be A Crime


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A recent WND/Wenzel poll questioned American Muslims on a variety of topics. The results of the poll indicate that nearly half of all U.S. Muslims believe those that create parodies of Muhammad or provide criticism of Islam should face criminal charges and given punishments up to the death penalty.

WND reports,

The WND/Wenzel poll also found 40 percent of Muslims in America believe they should not be judged by U.S. law and the Constitution but by Shariah standards.

Nearly 55 percent of the American Muslim voters say the U.S. is on the right track, and another 13 percent are uncertain. Virtually all of the respondents (98 percent) are American citizens, and 97 percent are registered to vote.

“Almost half of those Muslims surveyed – an astonishing 46 percent – said they believe those Americans who offer criticism or parodies of Islam should face criminal charges,” said pollster Fritz Wenzel in an analysis of the survey’s results.

“Even more shocking: One in eight respondents said they think those Americans who criticize or parody Islam should face the death penalty, while another nine percent said they were unsure on the question,” he said.

Wenzel said even the 9 percent “undecided” on that particular question is alarming.

This “indecisiveness” is a huge number when you begin to think about it. These people “don’t know” if they are for the death penalty or not for those that criticize their religion. This is truly frightening.

Mr. Wenzel went on to comment “Seldom in survey research does a response of ‘not sure’ carry such significance, but the response to this question certainly is a surprise, given the severity of the question, and offers insight into the conflict that some Muslims appear to face in making the ideals under-girding American society fit into their religious lifestyle.”

As to the issue of not thinking they should be subject to the law of the land, four in 10 Muslims believe they should be judged by Islamic law, Shariah, and not by the U.S. Constitution. In fact, some believe that the U.S. should establish a completely different and separate court system to deal with matters that involved Muslims.

One wonders if such courts would let the guilty off the hook for honor killings, beheadings, and flying planes into buildings.

Wenzel went on to state, “These survey findings show a community in conflict with the foundations of our nation, as many Muslims favor and enjoy the freedoms offered by the U.S. Constitution, including participation in elections here, but at the same time significant percentages want to be treated differently than the average non-Muslim when it comes to legal matters.”

The poll also went on to discover that only 30% of American Muslims believe Christians have the right to evangelize Muslims under the First Amendment, while 42% say they did not have that right and 28% did not even have a clue. I find it ironic they were not asked if they though they had the right to proselytize Christians.

Among those surveyed 72% said they would support Barack Obama for re-election, while only 10% supported Mitt Romney and 18% claimed they were uncertain.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) conducted their own poll and released its data confirming the WND/Wenzel poll.

There is one thing I have to say in all of this. If you are a Muslim and reading this and think that you should be tried according to Shariah in a separate court system, then there are plenty of countries and lands that you can fly to right now and live under that. I’m thinking Egypt and a few other Middle Eastern nations. But don’t you dare come here and demand that you should be treated different legally than anyone else and demand that others rights submit to your own. Either live by the law or find somewhere else to live. But first and foremost, I’ll tell you the first thing you need to do is repent of your false religion. Turn to the Jesus you spurn by claiming He is not God in the flesh and did not atone for the sins of men. It is only in Christ that you will find the true religion of peace.

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