Nevada Prosecutors Employ Troll Tactics Against Oregon Standoff Reporter: He “Served in the Role of Bundy’s Shill”


It seems that many who are doing the bidding of the criminal DC government don’t get that those of us in the independent media do not, and will not, go along with establishment media and real government shill entities. Such is the case with Nevada prosecutors who are seeking to continue to hold reporter Pete Santilli in jail for alleged “conspiracy” against the federal government as they employ the tactics of internet trolls by claiming that Santilli has served in the “role of [Cliven] Bundy’s shill, propagandist, recruiter, inciter of other and foot soldier” in order to keep Santilli behind bars.

I confess from the outset that I consider Pete Santilli to be a friend, so I make no bones about that. However, for a prosecutor to make such claims as those above without evidence amounts to them acting as a common internet troll and not as those seeking justice under the law.

According to a 60-page memorandum issued by Nevada prosecutors who are seeking to keep reporter Pete Santilli in jail, they are imploring internet troll type language in order to stop Santilli from being released.

According to the memorandum, the prosecutors wrote, “Santilli served in the role of Bundy’s shill, propagandist, recruiter, inciter of others, and foot soldier – a role he served until his arrest and one he will likely resume if he is released.”

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Shill? Propagandist? Recruiter? Inciter? Foot Soldier? Really guy? You must be kidding to have practiced law and include such statements without any proof.

Sadly, that wasn’t all. The Nevada prosecutors also stated:

Santilli was a key player in the build-up, organization and execution of an unprecedented, massive armed assault against federal law enforcement officers near Bunkerville, Nevada, on April 12, 2014. As set out in the Superseding Criminal Indictment, in which he is named as a principle organizer and leader of a criminal enterprise, Santilli is charged with knowingly joining a criminal conspiracy to threaten and use force and violence against law enforcement officers in order to extort about 400 head of cattle from their care and custody. Among other things, his prominent role in the conspiracy included:

  • recruiting gunmen to come to Bundy Ranch to show force against law enforcement officers, culminating in the assault on April 12;
  • threatening violence to law enforcement officers for doing their jobs;
  • leading an assault on a BLM convoy engaged in impoundment operations on April 9;
  • conducting reconnaissance of hotels where BLM officers and employees were staying during impoundment operations;
  • threatening the BLM SAC on April 11 and delivering an ultimatum to leave the Impoundment Site;
  • inciting Followers and gunmen during Bundy’s Rally on the morning of April 12, moving to the Impoundment Site upon Bundy’s command at the Rally, and participating in assault on the Impoundment Site on April 12 and the threats of force and violence against law enforcement officers.

So, we discover that these prosecutors are trying to pin on Santilli the crime of citing and insurrection and extortion. However, our coverage of the Bundy Ranch siege demonstrated that there were no threats and no “assault” on any federal agents. In fact, we could demonstrate with picture and video that the only assault taking place was courtesy of the DC government, the Bureau of Land Management and the FBI.

Instead of extorting cattle, as the claim by Nevada prosecutors alleges, let’s take a look at what the BLM did to Bundy’s cattle. Let’s take a look at the unconstitutional actions of the BLM against protestors or the criminal burning of property by the BLM.

The incarceration of Pete Santilli, along with other peaceful protestors is a black eye on the Constitution and the freedoms we are supposed to be enjoying in this country. You know much of what you know that took place at Bundy Ranch and in Oregon because men like Pete Santilli went and live streamed the events. And don’t even go there with me about him being and FBI informant. That will soon be dealt with! This is about a criminal, tyrannical DC government, a complicit Oregon governor, an unconstitutional sheriff and the US Constitution.

Hang on to your hats as we are about to unleash a plethora of emails that attempted to keep Oregon Governor Kate Brown out of this, but demonstrates that she and other orchestrated everything down to the press conferences and what Sheriff David Ward would say at those conferences. We’ll post that tomorrow completely documented.

Listen to our interview with Pete Santilli’s co-host Deb Jordan on Northwest Liberty News.

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