#NeverPublicSchools Actually Accomplishes What #BoycottTarget and #NeverTrump Never Will


Things seem to be getting wackier by the minute ’round here these days in ‘Merica, and while that might sometimes seem scary, what we need to see and appreciate in this increasingly surreal time is the incredible clarity that we are being given as the bubble world fiction in which American Christians have lived for generations finally pops.

While many are still clinging to the comfortable diversions, distractions and lies offered up by Corporate/State-owned media, pop-culture, and most pastors of State-subsidized 501(c)(3) churches, more and more people are, by the grace of God, finally beginning to open their eyes to take an honest, sober look at the storm raging around them, and repenting accordingly.

More and more Americans are being lovingly forced by God-ordained circumstances to face reality and are repenting in response to what they see. They’re repenting of their denial of Christ as King in practice and beginning to seek His will as revealed in His Word. And as they continue down this path paved by God’s grace and illuminated by His Spirit, they begin to see more and more things with more and more clarity. The fog and confusion inspired by the comfortable traditions, distractions and idols of the past slowly lift and are replaced by clarity – clarity of purpose, clarity of thought, and finally clarity of action.

This is where things like “taking every thought captive” and thereby every action captive in accordance with passages like 2 Corinthians 10:5 become more than just another amen-able verse in a good book and instead become the cornerstone of how we understand our purpose and mission here in God’s creation.

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This is how every political thought in the minds of God’s supernaturally saved people becomes more and more Christ-centered, which then inevitably leads to every political action they take being more and more Christ-centered.

This is how every economic and business thought does the same.

This is how our approach to the pursuit and application of knowledge – be it political, legal, business, or economic knowledge – becomes reconciled to Christ in accordance with His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

This is how the satanic counterfeit worldview advocating the pursuit and application of knowledge apart from the Word of God is finally purged from Christ’s creation through His work on the cross in accordance with Colossians 1:15-20.

And this is why #NeverPublicSchools is infinitely more important and infinitely more profitable than movements like #BoycottTarget and #NeverTrump.

If we as Christians in America would recognize and repent of our participation in and enabling of a thoroughly satanic approach to the State-managed formation of children’s minds in our culture, those children would grow into men and women who would have none of what the likes of Donald Trump and Target are selling in the worldview department.

While #NeverTrump and #BoycottTarget have their merits as far as they go, the “as far as they go” part isn’t very far. It’s tiny. These tags and these movements are dealing with symptoms of symptoms of symptoms of the satanic pitch first made in Eden while at the same time avoiding the obvious tap root that has been made plain and laid bare before us by the perfect light of Scripture at this critical, “scary” moment in American history.

So why not take an axe to that root?

Why not wage war on the system that is purposefully leading us steadily into the darkness by reliably producing generations of “product” that are more anti-Christ and more pro-Statism, pro-Islam, pro-Satanism, and pro-LGTBQ/pro-sexual chaos than the last?

Why not stop playing games and get serious?

How much more clarity do we need?

What are we waiting for?

Why not obey the crystal clear Word of God on the vital life- and culture-shaping subject of children’s education?

After all, if #NeverPublicSchools caught just half the passion and energy now fueling #BoycottTarget and #NeverTrump, we’d quickly find ourselves on a path to a place where there’s no need for things like #BoycottTarget and #NeverTrump.

If we actually cut the satanic education taproot feeding these problems, the problems would be taken out by default…which is precisely why those atop the Pagan American System of systems are more than happy to have us distracted and spending our energy dealing with symptoms of symptoms of symptoms while they continue immerse and “educate” our children in a system that assures more and more of them in each subsequent generation will embrace a Genesis 3 satanic approach to knowledge and life.

If we refuse to seize the incredible opportunity now made available to us by the grace of God to embrace the #NeverPublicSchools cause, we have every reason to assume that future generations will only be less and less inclined to advance even little things like #BoycottTarget and #NeverTrump.

And if that ever-darkening future comes to our children and grandchildren, as it is being charted and enabled now by millions of professing Christian parents and pastors, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

And we will answer to God for what we’ve done.


Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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