The New Face of Obama’s Military


This ain’t your grandfather’s military. It’s not your father’s or even your older brother or sister’s military. Today’s military, Obama’s troops, look nothing like the military we have come to know, love and respect, and I feel for so bad for our troops.

Obama’s new military has become a politically correct social experiment. And those that don’t buy into the “changes” are purged.

Over the past five years of Obama’s reign, he has overseen the ouster, according to sources at WND, of approximately 200 generals, flag and senior officers.

Many retired officers and war heroes have characterized Obama’s actions as an all-out attack on our Armed Forces.

Senior, battle hardened officers are being replaced with those who fit a diversity model and who will tow the new enlightened military line. Retired Navy Capt. and many times decorated war hero, Joseph John summed it up. “The truly sad story is that many of the brightest graduates of the three major service academies witnessing what the social experiment on diversity is doing to the US military, are leaving the service after five years. We are being left with an officer corps that can be made to be more compliant, that is, exactly what Obama needs to affect his long-range goals for the U.S. Military.”

Rules of engagement have radically changed under Obama, resulting in much higher casualty rates, particularly for our special operators like the SEALs, Rangers and Delta.

One of the most egregious is the new edict of no suppression fire at landings. Troops are much more vulnerable at landing zones and suppression fire can quite literally be a lifesaver.

Capt. John explained to WND that, “physical fitness qualifications for tip of the spear units such as the Rangers, SEALs, Green Berets and combat infantry are being downgraded, so women can be placed in those units. Likewise, women have also been assigned to submarines and ships resulting in relationships at sea that have broken up military families.”

Military dress regulations are being relaxed to allow the caring of Muslim prayer beads, beards, turbans and longer hair. What’s next? Baggy pants and high top sneakers?

The repeal of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy has resulted in what Capt. John described as a massive amount of sexual assaults on straight personnel. All of which, he says, has been covered up.

Military chaplains have been hamstrung. Bases are now hosting same-sex “marriages” and homosexual potluck suppers. Great!

Veteran healthcare has gone from bad to worse. If anyone wishes to see what Obamacare will really look like, check out the military and veterans fully government run health care system. It’s a travesty!

But things aren’t all bad. Entertainment for the troops is now more fun and diverse. Take for example, the recent entertainment at the Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, where homosexual service members dressed up as drag queens and lip-synced various songs.

The event was a fundraiser. Were they raising funds for the Wounded Warriors? No. Maybe for the Armed Forces Foundation, Special Ops Warrior Foundation, the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund or the Navy SEAL Foundation? No, nope, nada and negative.

It was a fundraiser for the Okinawa chapter of OutServe – a nonprofit advocate for the military LGBT community.

So, now you tell me. Say you’re an adversary like North Korea, Iran, China or Russia. Is there any wonder why these guys no longer fear the United States and our hamstrung, politically correct, social experiment of a military?

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