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Three days ago, we covered the tragic story of a man who died after being placed in a choke hold by one of the NYPD’s finest.

There are important updates in the senseless death of Eric Garner, a NY resident who died during an altercation with officers over alleged sales of untaxed cigarettes.

From the Huffington Post:

Another video has surfaced online of Eric Garner, a New York man who died after anNYPD officer put him in a chokehold in broad daylight on Thursday.

In the new video, Staten Island resident, 43-year-old Garner, appears unconscious or dead as officers stand around him, keeping him rolled onto his side.

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some.

“Now they’re trying to get him an ambulance, after they harassed and slammed him down,” a woman taking the video says. “[The] NYPD harassing people for no reason, he didn’t do anything at all.”

“Why is no one doing CPR?” a witness at the scene asks.

“He’s breathing,” an officer responds back.

Why were officers just standing over Garner? NYPD officers are trained in CPR. Why didn’t any of them try to save Garner? The video shows them check his pulse, empty his pockets…and just look down at him.

EIGHT officers stood over Garner and not one of them offered any kind of medical assistance to the man.

Did they know he was already dead before EMS arrived?

The EMS workers didn’t attempt to administer care either – they simply loaded Garner onto a stretcher and took him away.

The man was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a Staten Island hospital.

Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who placed Garner in a choke hold, has been stripped of his gun and badge and placed on desk duty, the Huffington Post reports:

In addition to Pantaleo, an eight-year NYPD veteran, a second officer [Justin Damico] who has been with the department for four years was taken off the street but retained his gun and badge. The reassignments will remain in effect while prosecutors and internal affairs detectives probe Garner’s death, police said.

In addition, four other responders have been placed on modified duty. From ABC 7:

Four EMS workers who work for Richmond University Medical Center have been placed on modified duty while the response to the death of a man who died in police custody is being reviewed.

The workers can still earn their salaries, but are temporarily barred from responding to emergency calls. The EMS workers are employees of the hospital-run ambulance service that responded to the call.

Garner’s official cause of death has not been determined yet.

Famed pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht told the NY Daily News that Garner might have survived if he had been given proper medical attention:

Wecht, who has been a consultant in several high-profile cases including JonBenet Ramsey and Anna Nicole Smith, said Eric Garner should have been immediately placed upright. “You want to position him in such a way to facilitate breathing,” he said.

Garner’s death was likely caused by a dangerous combination of a choke hold and being pinned down, Wecht said.

Denis Hammill of the NY Daily News explained why all of the officers involved in this incident should be charged:

The other cops who pounced on Garner as he pleaded for his life like a drowning man should also be charged. And the ones who stood by and did nothing should also be investigated for dereliction of duty because they are witnessing a crime in progress of a man being abused with excessive force without trying to stop it.

Watch that video and you see that Eric Garner, clearly unarmed, clearly not threatening, is trying to explain to police that it’s unfair that he’s being targeted for arrest by cops even though this isn’t a scene of chaotic lawlessness.

Garner is upset. But not out of control. Saying that the local cops have a history of harassing him. That it has to stop. Starting today. That he had just broken up a fight.

But the cops are determined to arrest Garner. He pulls away from one cop who reaches for him. Garner does not swing at a single cop. He doesn’t attack, shove or threaten any cop. He produces no weapon. He’s agitated but sober. Is he resisting arrest?


But, c’mon, a rookie crossing guard with some common-sense discretion could have defused this minor disturbance.

But here comes big, brave, burly No. 99 from behind, administering an illegal and potentially lethal choke hold on obese and asthmatic Garner.

The Garner video is Exhibit A in what could mean seven-to-15 years for No. 99.

After he and four other cops wrestled Garner to the ground, No. 99 grinds Garner’s face into the sidewalk like someone mashing a puppy’s face into poop on the carpet. All while Garner wheezes for air, pleading for life itself.

These videos speak volumes about how out of control the police state in America has become.

Whether or not charges will be brought any of the thugs officers involved in this tragedy remains to be seen, but one can’t help but suspect that the NYPD is busy formulating a cover-up of some kind.

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