Noah Wall: The Little Boy Born With 2% Of Brain Now Speaking, Counting and Learning


It’s stories like these that the pro-murder and infanticide crowd, aka “pro-choice,” hate to hear and simply will not promote because it undermines the lies they tell in order to get mothers to murder their unborn babies for a couple of hundred dollars for an abortion murder mill hitman, then sell off that baby’s body parts for profits.

Noah Wall was born in the United Kingdom with only two percent of his brain.

Though many in our society would be for advocating that the parents murder him, though they would use the term “abort” in order to desensitize what the action would truly be.

However, his mother and father, Rob and Shelly Wall, loved him and kept him and took care of him, and the results are nothing short of miraculous!

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To help you understand just how severe the problem was, take a look at this x-ray of Noah’s brain when he was born and then again at three years.

noah-wall These two scans show Noah’s brain at birth (left), and after three years’ growth (Image: newcastle chronicle)

The UK Mirror reports:

While he was in the womb, he had developed a rare complication of spina bifida, severe hydrocephalus.

His head had filled with fluid, crushing his brain down into a thin sliver of tissue around his skull.

Noah’s parents Shelly and Rob were told that if he survived the birth, he would be severely mentally and physically disabled.

They were offered a termination five times – but they refused.

Good for them!  Seriously, I truly wonder what goes on in the mind of parents who actually consider murdering their unborn child an “option.”

As someone born to a single mother out of wedlock and adopted by wonderful parents, I’m truly grateful that my mother didn’t make such a decision for convenience sake or come up with some other excuse.

Listen as Shelly recounts the story of what happened.

She said that the prognosis for Noah from the doctors was so bleak that the family began to look at making funeral arrangements.

“I’d never seen a baby’s coffin before,” she said.

Following his birth at 26 weeks with his mother unconscious, because she had swine flu at the time, Noah had major surgeries.

An open wound on his lower back, which is characteristic of spina bifida, had to be sewn up.  A shunt was placed in his skull to drain the excess fluid from his brain.

While the draining of fluid did allow for Noah’s brain to grow, the spina bifida resulted in some paralysis from the chest down.  This caused Noah to have to use a wheelchair.

However, doctors are hopeful that one day little Noah will walk on his own two feet!

Dr. Claire Nicholson of Newcastle’s Great North Children’s Hospital, who was Noah’s neurosurgeon, says he is “a remarkable child with two remarkable parents.”

Nicholson made a very sobering statement about humans in the womb and out of the womb when she said of Noah, “He teaches the medical profession that you can’t ever know.”

That’s exactly right!  No one knows and no human being has the right to take the life of another innocent human being.  It doesn’t matter if you call it a choice or right or whatever

At three-years-old, Noah’s brain has grown to nearly 80% and he is living an almost normal life in comparison to many other children.

A documentary about Noah was first put out last year titled The Boy With “No Brain,” and a follow-up documentary was recently released in the UK.

Life is precious people, even if there are diseases, deformities or other ailments, all life is precious and human life above all because only humans are created in the very image of their Creator (Genesis 1:26-27).

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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