It is NOT About Ferguson


As our nation explodes in violence all across the country, one cannot help but to envision Barack Obama rolling in orgasmic ecstasy and panting in anticipation with his hand hovering over the phone, waiting for that moment in time when he can declare martial law across this land and finally be rid of that burdensome Constitution of ours.

When Barack Obama was first elected, there was a moment of hope across this nation and across the entire political spectrum that this smooth talking narcissist would evolve into “The Great Uniter” and firmly guide this nation to the fruition of Dr. King’s dream.

But when he spoke about bringing “fundamental changes” to this country, my blood ran cold and a chill ran down my spine not unlike the one I experienced in Vietnam when I realized that our small compound was about to experience my first large scale assault by the Viet Cong.

And when Barack Obama announced that this nation was not a Christian nation, my blood boiled in anger and outrage and a clear vision as to where this nation was heading saddened me.

And when the propaganda machine, i.e. the mass media in the persons of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc., began to push the message that Islam is a religion of peace and Barack Obama began opening the door to our nation by circumventing all immigration laws to allow thousands upon thousands of Muslims to enter the country and created countless “Czars” – many of which are members of the Muslim Brotherhood – to rule segments of our society, I began to seriously fear for the future of our nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization in the land of its birth, Egypt, and other nations, but its members are given safe haven in extremely sensitive positions in the Obama Regime.

Barack Obama has never gown into the office of the presidency but has maintained the only “job” he has ever had: the role of a “community organizer”—placing the office of the president in every possible community issue, thereby elevating it to a national crisis.

And when Michael Brown, young black gang member, decided to attack and beat a police officer in his patrol car, the fuse was lit.

As the pieces of the issue began to emerge, a picture of a PHYSICALLY VERY LARGE AND POWERFUL gang-affiliated street thug took shape, despite the best efforts of the propaganda machine to spin a tale far from reality.

The mass media released pictures of a clean-cut and mild-mannered child while social media posted pictures of a rough character with gang affiliations.

It has been reported that Michael Brown’s mother screamed and sobbed over the decision and that is understandable; no parent should have to bury their child. But it is being reported that she is in such dire distress because of the decision of the Ferguson grand jury. Basically, the grand jury found her son was a thug and that is hard for any mother to accept.

But the chaos in the streets of America today has nothing to do with Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri.

This morning on Fox News Channel Black conservative pundit and Executive Director of The Black Sphere, Kevin Jackson, stated a simple truth:

“America does not have a ‘black problem’; it has a liberal Democrat problem.”

Peaceful demonstrations are in some cities, as uninformed or mass-media-manipulated populations express their dissatisfaction with the conclusions reached by the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri.

Violent demonstrations, looting, and burning the only businesses willing to try to do business in their neighborhoods run rampant in other cities.

Why so much senseless violence in some cities, while in other cities, the citizens exercise their First Amendment rights and express their concerns and dissatisfaction coherently?

According to Kevin Jackson, the difference is that the violence and looting is occurring in those cities ruled by liberal Democrats.

Many police officers talk about “The Broken Window Theory” of law enforcement. Basically what they mean is that if a window in a building is broken by vandals and nothing is done to apprehend and punish those responsible, it will only be a matter of time before every window in the build will be broken. Enforce all laws or enforce none.

Barack Obama insists on inserting the Office of The President of the United States into community and neighborhood incidents because the only role that he is truly comfortable in is that of neighborhood agitator.

In the incident in Ferguson, Barack Obama sent (alleged reverend) Al Sharpton, this nation’s most vile vendor of hate and racial unrest, as his “ambassador.”  And to exacerbate the situation even further and to lend even more credibility to Al Sharpton’s race-baiting, Barack Obama dispatched Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson in an uninformed and unabashed indictment of the Ferguson and Kansas City justice system.

In 1987, Al Sharpton led the charge against the legal system in up-state New York when a fifteen year old black female fabricated a story about being raped by six white men. Even after she recanted her charges, Al Sharpton refused to accept the facts. And when he was sued for defamation because of his outrageous charges against key players in that case, he refused to pay the judgment – placing himself above the law just like his “God On Earth” Barack Obama.

To Al Sharpton, Ferguson is just another opportunity for him to enrich himself and bolster his image as a champion of those he can convince are downtrodden.

Unemployment in the black community is twice that of the rest of America – thanks in no small part to Barack Obama and
in a larger part because the Liberal Democrats have consistently encouraged our young Black Americans to focus on being black before attempting to be Americans. 

Liberal Democrats teach our black American youth that they cannot succeed or achieve The American Dream because they are black.

Liberal Democrats teach our black American youth that they are entitled to “free everything” because some of them may have ancestors who were slaves.

Liberal Democrats introduced the concept of hyphenated-Americans to support their mantra of “Divide and Conquer.”

And the saddest fact of all is that We The People of the allegedly patriotic /conservative community aid and abet the Liberal Democrats in every way.

The rise of the Tea Party in 2009 was an awakening of some of the American people. It was exhilarating, exciting, awe inspiring, and the rise of the Tea Party was felt in the subsequent mid-term elections in 2010.

And by the general election in 2012, the Tea Party was about as cohesive and “united” as a hand full of grapes in a blender.

The Liberal Democrats point to a candidate and ask: Is this candidate conservative enough? And the question is like a large steak thrown to a pack of starving wolves as various factions of the allegedly conservative community take sides and attack each other.

And the Liberal Democrats are blessed with a strong ally against We The People of the Tea Party persuasion… the GOP establishment.  And We The People aid both of our enemies by squabbling among ourselves, spreading outrageous rumors, and supporting their image of us as racists and bigots and such as was the case recently here in Las Vegas when Barack Obama announced his current round of amnesty.

United We Stand – Divided We Fall.  A simple truth.

And if We The People do not find a way to unite for the benefit of this nation and not just momentary security or the enrichment of self like the Al Sharptons of this country, we will inevitably be blessed with our first Madam President, who will make Barack Obama look like a right wing radical.

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