NRA President: Democrats Shocked By Second Amendment Support


David Keene, President of the National Rifle Association believes that Barack Obama and the Democrats have been shocked by the outpouring of support for the Second Amendment as they have launched the biggest gun control push in Washington and the states that we have seen. Americans are awake to the Obama administration’s tactics and the push of the Socialists in Congress to attack the Second Amendment and they are in for a rude awakening should they seek to continue down this road.

In an interview at CPAC 2013, Mr. Keene said that he believed former President Bill Clinton was correct as he warned Obama late in 2012 to be careful as he considered expanding gun restrictions.

“[Gun control proposals were] one of the main reason for Republicans seizing the House in 1994. Americans care about the Second Amendment and the president is seeing that,” Keene said.

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Keene had been to Albany, New York and seen the protests of more than 10,000 people in the rain to the unconstitutional and tyrannical push of New York’s legislature and its governor.

“There are rallies like that all over the country. Members of Congress are receiving lots of letters. It’s clear the narrative that the president tried to construct was wrong. That’s the reason a lot of what [Obama] proposed is being slowed down,” Keene said.

He also spoke about the recent bill passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee which would enact universal background checks and would be a considerable overreach of the Federal government. His concern is that these would be largely ineffective apart from a national gun registry, which is also in Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill. This would be the first step towards gun confiscation.

Keene not only criticized Obama, but also Senator Feinstein and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. “The Justice Department under Obama issued a study that said a background check wouldn’t mean much unless it included a gun registry. Cuomo in New York and Sen. Dianne Feinstein have also said they both want to enact forced government buybacks,” Keene said. “That means if they know you own a gun, you’ll sell it to the government at a price we dictate. That’s confiscation.”

While Obama called on Congress to vote on passing new gun control legislation during his State of the Union speech, Keene said he wanted the same, but for a different reason.

“We want a vote as well because a lot of people who are hostile to the Second Amendment haven’t had to go through a vote,” the NRA president said. “A lot of politicians have been able to say ‘I’m with you,’ but these votes would put people in a position of supporting the Second Amendment, or not.”

He also argued that people like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others who think the public is on their side when it comes to expanding gun laws are in for a rude awakening.

“Michael Moore, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg tried immediately following Newtown to pivot and hope that it would change the whole narrative and that people would give up Second Amendment rights,” Keene said. “They’ve been shocked that hasn’t happened. Mental-health care and lack of school security are the two main reasons these shootings happened.”

The NRA and other organizations, such as Gun Owners of America, have seen significant increases in membership following the re-election of Barack Obama. Clearly people don’t want anymore gun legislation and would like to see that turned back.

“Support for the Second Amendment is not going to vanish. When this began, we had 4 million members. By the time we meet in Houston, I’m betting we’ll have 5 million,” he said.

I know I see the support all around, not only on this sight, but virtually anyone I hear from across the country. People understand that Barack Obama has aspirations and they are not in the best interest of America or the American people. Whenever he and his partners in crime say they are not out after your guns, that is exactly what they are out for and we know it.

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