NYC Mayor Candidate Bill De Blasio’s (Nee Wilhelm) Support for Jihad Against Israel


Sandinista support, and Robert Mugabe, too. Now this. And yet Bill de Blasio, the Democratic nominee for mayor, leads his Republican rival, Joseph J. Lhota, by over 40 points. We have got to get the word out. Join us on October 24th for our press conference on Bill de Blasio at the Hotel Pennsylvania (across from Penn Station), 401 7th Ave, New York, NY, 10001, Skytop Ballroom, 18th floor, 12:30 – 3:00 pm.

Newly available documents from de Blasio’s City Council years show that the Democratic mayoral candidate interfered with the Manhattan district attorney when NYC teacher Steve Quester was looking at jail time for colluding with terrorists in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

“I want to personally call the D.A.” NY Councilman de Blasio 

In a blatant display of corruption, then-City Councilman De Blasio nee Wilhelm went so far as to attempt to interfere with the DA on behalf of an alleged Jew-hater who called suicide bombers “desperate and hopeless” and said that “all the heartbreak flows directly from Israel’s policy” of “occupying the Palestinian territories.”

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NYC Mayoral Candidate De Blasio supported suppressing internal dissent, clamping down on a free press, antisemitism and persecuting the church and labor unions

De Blasio’s unqualified support for the vicious communist Sandanistas, coupled with antisemitic activism, disqualifies him from the office of Mayor. And there’s more. The Democratic Party’s candidate for New York City mayor attended a 2002 event honoring Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe:

— even though it was well known that Mr. Mugabe had been starving his nation, jailing political dissenters, pushing anti-gay rhetoric and policies, and grabbing land from white farmers. At the time of the ceremony, Mr. de Blasio was serving his first term as a City Council member.

Thirty-six of 51 New York City Council members shunned a 2002 event honoring Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, expressing concern with the leader’s despotic ways and worrying their attendance might be spun as an endorsement of his torturing of political rivals.

But not Democrat Bill de Blasio here.

New York, what have you wrought? Today, de Blasio’s absolute contempt for New Yorkers was again made plain when, after days of silence, he said that he didn’t know the teacher was an anti-Israel activist. But that was the charge lodged against Steve Quester. De Blasio wants us to believe that he went to extraordinary lengths and he didn’t know what the man did? Really? He goes out on a limb like that for a complete stranger who met with and stood with terrorists in Gaza?

101513_2215_nycmayorcan1 Photo: Cold-blooded Bill de Blasio (nee Wilhelm) uses every opportunity to politically exploit his son and mixed-race family. Google de Blasio; there are more pics of his son than of him.

From the NY Daily News: Bill de Blasio defended teacher at daughter’s school facing jail for Israel protest

Bill de Blasio once went to a bat for a teacher at his daughter’s school who was arrested protesting Israel’s policies in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Newly available documents from de Blasio’s years as a City Councilman show the Democratic mayoral frontrunner intervened with the Manhattan District Attorney in 2004 to help first-grade teacher Steve Quester avoid jail time after he and 15 other protesters were charged with blocking traffic and disorderly conduct during a 2003 protest.

“I want to personally call the D.A.,” de Blasio wrote in an email to a top aide in April, 2004, the documents show.

It’s not clear if de Blasio knew about Quester’s controversial views on Israel.

The teacher, who worked at Public School 372 where de Blasio’s daughter Chiara was a student at the time, was quoted in a 2002 Associated Press article calling suicide bombers “desperate and hopeless” and adding that “all the heartbreak flows directly from Israel’s policy” of occupying the Palestinian territories.

After Quester’s arrest in 2004, de Blasio sent a letter to then-District Attorney Robert Morgenthau calling jail time for the arrested protesters “extreme and unjust for participation in a peaceful political protest.”

He also penned a note to the Manhattan judge overseeing the case asking for leniency.

“Mr. Quester upholds the school’s high standards each time he steps into the classroom,” de Blasio wrote in a letter to Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Stolz in May, 2004. “I hope you will take his praiseworthy character and his extraordinary contributions to his community into account.”

Quester, who could not be reached for comment, was convicted of obstructing governmental administration – a charge that could bring up to a year of jail time – but was ordered to do community service instead of jail time, according to court documents.

A spokesman for de Blasio declined to comment.

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