The Obama Administration is Deliberately Targeting Veterans


The deliberate targeting of Veterans rights and benefits by the current administration must end. There is only one way to do so…DO NOT RE-ELECT these backstabbing, lying miscreants.

Step back for a moment…think about all the things that have been stripped off or reduced for Veterans under this President:

  • Post 9/11 GI Bill… (Very quietly)…break pay instituted. This “policy” did not grandfather anyone already enrolled in college and using the benefit. For 99% of the veterans using this benefit, this was their only source of income. They returned from war to a country whose economy had tanked. They were not eligible for unemployment. So they went to school, because they were promised a set dollar amount if they went full time. Then came along this policy change. Under it, when school is closed, the VA reduces the benefit by the number of days it’s closed. Over the winter, this can mean a Veteran loses up to 50% of the benefit. Finding a temporary, part-time job is nearly impossible. If they are supporting a family, this is devastating.
  • COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) – Each budget session, the very first discussion is on COLA increases. Whether or not to even grant them, and if so how little it will be. For four years, Active Duty and Veterans got NO COLA increase. This year, Congress finally granted one…1.5% – for a 100% disabled Veteran, which meant an increase of approximately $40 a month. But since Medicare also increased, the COLA increase ended up being about $18 a month. Cost of Living in the US went up 2.7% as 2014 opened.
  • Tricare; increase in premiums for “working age retirees” – What a misdirected line of garbage! Congress saw this “saving the taxpayers $59 Billion” as a great pre-election method to save themselves. They used the term “working age retirees” because it doesn’t match up to Google searches for veteran. What Congress also is being deceptive about is that these “working age retirees” have already earned their benefits by serving at least 20 years in the military. Unlike Congress, who gets a full free ride after only serving for 4 years, a service member must put in at least 20 years to get a 50% pension and still pay premiums for their Tricare. A “working age retiree”, aka veteran, with 20 years in currently pays approximately $46 a month. But Congress pays nothing toward theirs.
  • The VA stomping on Veterans Second Amendment rights – In 2012, stories began circulating (with documentary evidence supporting them), that the VA was making “Competency Evaluations” of Veterans and in the letters to the Veteran, advising them that since they were found mentally “incompetent” by some VA bureaucrat (not a Court of Law); the Veteran was no longer allowed to own weapons. Worse yet, the VA claims it has the right to seize the Veterans weapons and/or imprison the Veteran if found with weapons. Those of us who have served our country honorably and own weapons – remember this at the next election!

I could continue on, but I think you are getting think you are getting the point.

The time has passed that the American Taxpayers stop being led around by the nose. You are being distracted by misleading titles, false promises of better financial management and being lied to as to who are the real drains on our nations’ resources. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you sit on; you, the taxpayer are being lied to every single day. Veterans make up 7% of the voting population. It is the other 93% I am writing to. You have the free will to think this through. Veterans are not freeloaders. We are not asking for welfare, a handout or any benefit or service we did not earn with blood, sweat and tears.

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Veterans signed a contract with our government to perform certain skills, for a period of time, in exchange for set compensation and benefits. Since President Obama took office, his administration has purposefully, deliberately and with malice, denigrated veterans’ service, cut away their rightfully earned benefits and portrayed them as the cause of our dismal economy and even blamed us for acts of violence by mentally disturbed individuals – using those peoples actions to strip yet more Constitutionally granted rights away from veterans. This has occurred all in the name of making his idea of “Change” become a reality.

It is time that we Americans, stand up together, put away ideological and political differences and agree to honor the contracts we made with our soldiers, sailors, airman and marines, in exchange for their services in defense of our liberty and freedom.

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