Obama Administration Negligent On Human Trafficking


Brandon Darby alleged on TownHall.com, on Monday, that officials in the Obama Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, neglected their duties by ignoring human trafficking and sex-trafficking minors. According to the report Darby claims that internal reports within the FBI were changed to conceal were altered to hide the fact that minors were involved in order to keep the FBI and the DOJ from acting immediately on the evidence.

According to DArby, a previous FBI informant,

We decided to reach out to the now-deceased Andrew Breitbart. In short order, Breitbart, Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, Hannah Giles and I created a nonprofit named Citizen Patriot Response to organize tea party groups to help communities and individuals in need without governmental funding and dependence. Though the organization was not founded solely for helping human trafficking victims, the issue was a top priority. My home was quickly turned into a shelter for human trafficking victims under the auspices of the newly formed nonprofit. The idea was that my home could provide the short-term and intermediate shelter and food for the victims. This would hopefully make possible more investigations on the part of the FBI. We had intended for this shelter, coupled with my advocacy and lobbying on behalf of victims to the FBI, to provide a model for how citizens could organize and unite to help law enforcement bring justice to a greater number of human trafficking victims. Laster began to utilize this shelter as a refuge for the human trafficking victims she worked with. I began to use every possible relationship within the FBI to pressure the organization to take on more human trafficking investigations. Though my efforts were initially unfruitful, I did finally find a very caring FBI special agent, whom I will refer to as Special Agent X. Special Agent X began to dutifully examine the cases Laster and I presented. The forms necessary for the appropriate visa applications were signed in a number of our cases, and it appeared that justice was finally occurring with a little push from concerned citizens and a compassionate federal agent. I also asked Laster to become a human source for the FBI so that she could better assist the victims she represented and help initiate investigations when her network had information of new cases. Laster agreed and was opened by the FBI as a human source.

Laster and I presented dozens of cases to the FBI. Many of the cases involved minors who were being forced to have sex with adults for monetary reasons under the threat of violence from human traffickers. Special Agent X worked diligently to record our information and initiate investigations. Laster and I educated ourselves further on guidelines and protocols that the DOJ used in handling such cases. We felt assured by our research that it was a matter of law and a matter of internal policy that the FBI had to investigate and act on cases where minors were identified as being involved. All seemed well.

However, things were not well, nor did that go well. According to Darby, the majority of cases that were worked on with Special Agent X never turned into investigations for the FBI. While Agent X was sent across country, he was deactivated without cause.

So all of these cases, all of these people that Brandon Darby tried to help, even providing his own residence, money and food for are left without vindication of what happened to them. Their cases have been resolved to the infamous X-files of the FBI with no one to investigate them.

The Washington Times even makes the White House complicit in the matter reporting,

The failure of the White House to enforce threatened sanctions against countries that the State Department has accused of doing little to control human trafficking is “appalling,” with the Obama administration • much like the George W. Bush administration before it — using “every loophole possible” to issue waivers to avoid punishing the offending nations by cutting U.S. aid, according to elected officials, human rights activists and others.

Of the 23 countries cited by the State Department in a June 2011 report as having failed to meet minimum standards in fighting human trafficking, whose victims are usually women and children, President Obama granted full waivers in September to 13 — including Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen — and partial waivers to seven others, including Cuba, Iran, Myanmar and Venezuela. Only three countries faced the full force of the sanctions — Eritrea, Madagascar and North Korea — which were not anticipated to get the types of foreign assistance that could be restricted.

The waivers were granted on the grounds that it was in the “national interest” of the United States that the countries not lose their aid despite their poor records on human trafficking.

While many claim outrage at the travesty of human trafficking in our government, there needs to be something take place in the matter more than just good rhetoric. There needs to be good actions that follow. The Obama DOJ has shown itself to be utterly incompetent and incapable of fulfilling it’s role as a Justice Department just as Barack Obama has shown his inability to be President of the United States.

While Obama will sign Executive orders to stop the exporting of coal in Somalia because allegedly Al-Queda is there, which destroys many of the livelihoods of the people of Somalia, he will grant waivers for nations who traffick human beings, even the youngest of humans “in the national interest,” according to Luis CdeBaca, ambassador at large for the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

What is it with this administration that they do not value human life any more than this. I join ranks with Brandon Darby in calling for Congress to fully investigate the matter and not only investigate the matter but punish those who have failed to act responsibly and rectify the situation.

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