Obama & Biden's Temper Tantrum Following Gun Control Defeat


I just have to post this. The look on Barak Obama’s face as he pitches a temper tantrum on national television is PRICELESS! Look at Biden and hypocrite Gabrielle Giffords as they support Obama in his adolescent styled, narcissistic finger pointing because not one piece of gun control legislation got passed.

While Obama said that none of the Senators could not offer any good reason why they wouldn’t pass this legislation. Wait! He used the words that Senators couldn’t provide a reason that “wouldnt’ make it harder for criminals and those with severe mental illnesses to buy a gun.”

Well I’m not in favor of those people having guns or buying them. However, let’s talk about lies, shall we? How did the shooter in Newtown, Connecticut obtain his weapons? Hmmm? That’s right, he stole them! He did what a criminal does! So come now Barack Obama and tell the American people the truth.

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In fact, since Obama wants to go down the road of telling lies about a national gun registry, perhaps he should try informing the American people about the Feinstein bill, which he supported, which would not have only banned the import of certain weapons, but would have also charged every gun owner $200 per firearm that they already owned and made them register them. That’s right, a national gun registry!

While we are on lies, we should ask Mr. Obama to come clean about Operation Fast and Furious since his administration wants to be so truthful and transparent! How about he remove the executive privilege and release all the documents that Congress is holding Eric Holder in contempt for so that we can get to the bottom of an almost two year investigation? Why doesn’t he give the go ahead for Kevin O’Reilly to testify in the matter? It’s because he is in the midst of a coverup.

Perhaps we should ask why he is not more forthcoming regarding Benghazi and the numerous lies told in that scandal. Maybe he could own up to the countless lies his administration propagated on the American people. Many of them I list here.

But more than that, since apparently no Senator can give Barack Obama a reason for not passing more gun control legislation, I’ll do it here for him should he care to read it and I can provide it in five short words:

It’s the Second Amendment, Stupid!

And I’ve got something else for you to. If they want to fight to push this kind of legislation through, then they have picked the wrong battle. Millions of Americans with millions of guns are not going to allow then to just trample upon the Constitution and us simply to push his agenda. A wise man would think twice in this situation, but Barack Obama has demonstrated he is anything but wise.

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