Obama Blunders, Syria Bides Time, And Israel Waits…

President Obama is the bumbling buffoon, the double minded man, who so foolishly tried to blindside Americans with an attack on Syria using “his military.” Bluffed by smarter men, he has been beaten at his own game. But true to form, he’s claiming credit and changing his story. All the while, Syria is merely biding time, taking a page from the Iranian nuclear weapons play book. And Israel waits for the fallout.

obamaNothing would be more catastrophic in a rattled Middle East than a Syrian strike. This would put the power squarely in the hands of Syrian rebels, led by Al-Qaeda forces. They have already destroyed a prominent Christian village in Syria, and wreaked havoc across the region. The rebels are the ones who used the chemical weapons. But in the end, it doesn’t matter because in the Islamic world, the end game is the same: annihilate Israel.

Obama got played. And now he’ll use the time to backtrack, to take back everything he said. And just as he’s doing now, he’ll claim credit for the work of Kingpin Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to his Syrian allies to get rid of their chemical weapons.

Secretary of State John Kerry said that the “Syrian government could avoid American air strikes if Bashir Assad would turn over all of his chemical weapons within a week,” and Putin seized the moment. The Assad regime will stay in place, the rebels will lose in the civil war, and the Obama Administration just got sucker punched by a more capable opponent.

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What actually happened here? Syria just bought itself time. In a time honored stalling technique, that has worked so successfully for Iran in its development of nuclear weapons, Syria just hit pay dirt, via the Russia Bear.

No one is going to have to give up their weapons, least of all Syria.

According to the Israel Defense Force, Syria has openly defied U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which mandated that Hezbollah disarm and leave Southern Lebanon. This was made formal after the Second Lebanon War. But instead of abiding by this resolution, Syria and Iran have continued to rearm Hezbollah and strengthen them.

In 2009, an IDF intelligence report revealed that Hezbollah had built close to 1,000 military facilities throughout Southern Lebanon. The installations included more than 550 weapons bunkers and 300 underground facilities. Since the report’s release, Hezbollah has continued to build facilities in the region, enhancing its ability to strike at nearby Israeli towns and cities.

This was 2009, and with the help of Iran, Hezbollah is as powerful as it ever was in the region.

In Hezbollah’s arsenal one may find: Iranian-manufactured Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets with a range of between 43 and 75 kilometers, Iranian-manufactured Fatah 110 rockets with a range of 250 kilometers and Syrian-manufactured 302mm rockets with a range of between 110 and 115 kilometers. In 2010, Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates commented that Hezbollah “has more missiles than most governments in the world.”

Hezbollah is armed to the teeth thanks to Syria and Iran, and thanks to the Obama Administration. The United States government has openly aided Hezbollah, via the Lebanese military, giving them 200 armored vehicles earlier this year. Apparently, the Obama Administration thinks Hezbollah is about as threatening as Al-Qaeda, the Syrian rebels they so desperately want to help. Or do they? No one wins in this game. This isn’t Battleship.

Is everyone in the Obama administration blind to what is actually going on, or are they playing it from another angle? The target is Israel, regardless of who is in power. The Israeli government knows that Assad cannot be trusted, and that no Islamic government can be trusted when the common goal is the complete annihilation of the state of Israel. This everyone can agree on. Islam seeks to destroy Israel and leave nothing but dust in it’s wake.

Syria will get a reprieve, Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons, and Russia will be a fervent supporter in this. As will China. Russia is reemerging as a global superpower, one with teeth and grit. And in the meantime, the U.S. falls into the background. Is this the signal of a fall of a great superpower? Absolutely. The United States has been cut off at the knees.

And more than this, it is also a signal to Israel that she stands alone against her enemies. No one will come to her aid when they attack. And now comes the waiting game. The actual game of Battleship, with Israel surrounded on all sides by her foes.

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