Obama Eligibility: Cold Case Posse Presents Affidavit To Alabama Supreme Court

  • These implications of this law is evidenced by the discovery of correspondence between the Department of Health Director George Yuen, in support of the measure, and State Representative Herbert A .Segawa. The March 1st 1982 document clearly shows the effect this proposed Bill H.B. 3016-82 would it have become law. The document recognized the fact that the department would have to issue birth certificates to children worldwide if the child’s parents could prove they were in fact legal residents of the Territory or State of Hawaii. Legal residents as categorized by Hawaii tax code, not Untied States citizens.


    • There is nothing in Hawaii Revised Statute § 338.17.8 to require that this birth certificate be marked as the child being born out of state, nor that was the child born within the United States or its territories. There is no requirement in this statute that at least one parent provide proof of United States citizenship.
    • This section only requires a declaration (and proof which is not defined and is based upon requirements deemed appropriate by the Director) that the parents were residents of Hawaii. It does not require that the parents were citizens of the United States.
    • By statutory provision Hawaii has granted upon itself the unique power to confer citizenship to children not born in the United States, and to children not born to United States citizen parents, but to children actually born on foreign soil. Conceivably, the parents and child may never have set foot on United States soil. Hawaii declares these foreign born children American citizens simply by virtue of an application of any adult, making representations on behalf of the parents and simply supplying documentation substantiating the parents had resided in Hawaii and paid income tax to the state Hawaii, for one year prior to the birth of the child.
    • The authority to naturalize persons as citizens of the US is conferred upon the Attorney General only, not the State of Hawaii.
    • It would appear that Hawaii Revised Statute § 338.17.8 is in direct conflict with the Immigration and Nationality Act, in that United States citizenship maybe be conferred to an individual who is not entitled to such citizenship.
    • See I.N.A. §§ 301, et seq., which comprehensively regulates how a child born out of the United States acquires U.S. Citizenship. Even this would require at least on parent be a United States citizen at the time of the birth.
    • This comprehensive regulation would clearly be meant to exclude any regulation in the area by the States. Arizona v. United States, 11-182 (June, 2012).
    • Compulsory registration of births, authorized by Hawaii Revised Law §57-8 requires all births of be registered. It also permits the registration for an unattended birth to be accepted on the representation of only one of the parents. No other witnesses are necessary for a claimed unattended birth. Conceivably, a parent could have given birth outside of the U.S., and claimed that it was an unattended birth (no witnesses) in Honolulu.
    • Local registrar to prepare birth certificate, authorized by Hawaii Revised Law §57-8 is bristling with the fraudulent potential by compelling the local registrar to prepare a birth certificate for an alleged unattended birth based solely uncorroborated testimony from anyone claiming to have had knowledge of the birth taking place.
    • Under this statute, a birth could exist outside of the U.S., and any person could represent false information to the local registrar. The registrar is compelled to file the certificate.
    • Additionally, there is no requirement for a parent or relative, providing identification to be present at time of registration. Any person, a relative, friend or stranger may registrar the birth of a child while both the mother and baby were outside of the country.
    • There is no verification process and no way to be certain of the actual identify of the parents.

      H.R.S §338-6, Current Law as of October 25, 2009

    • Delayed or altered certificates, authorized by Hawaii Revised Law §57-18. Utilizing this Statute, a person may apply for a delayed or amended certificate having one year to do so from time of birth. There is no verification to determine why the registration is late. The Statute also allows any person “born” in the Territory of Hawaii to file or amend a certificate.
    • This would include that any adult could claim their birth was never reported a decade later, file for a birth certificate. The validity of the three types of birth filings were so questionable that even Hawaii would not accept them as “Prima Facia Evidence”.
    • This Statute would require the birth certificate be plainly marked, “Delayed”, or “Altered” and the probative value would determine by the official to whom the certificate was being offered. We believe it is safe to conclude that even the State of Hawaii did not have confidence in the representations on this document.
    • Investigators have advised Sheriff Arpaio that several possible crimes may have been committed:
    • First, the fraudulent creation of an official document
    • Second, the White House characterizing a forgery as an officially-produced governmental birth record; and
    • Third, Mr. Obama represented to the residents of Maricopa County and the American public that a forgery was “proof positive” of his authentic 1961 Hawaiian long-form birth certificate, thereby deceiving voters and state election commissions across the country into believing he was eligible to become President, have his name appear on Presidential ballots, thereby garnering votes from the public under false pretenses.

    • Accordingly, Sheriff Arpaio continues to recommend that the Congress of the United States open an immediate investigation, including the appointment of a select committee, as regards to the authenticity of Mr. Obama’s documentation, whether any crimes have been committed, and to determine Mr. Obama’s eligibility for the office of President of the Unites States.

      Mr. Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card

    • Investigators also examined Mr. Obama’s Selective Service registration card bearing Mr. Obama’s signature, which displays a Post Office Date stamp, “July 29, 80,” in the lower right corner. For comparison purposes, investigators reviewed a number of authentic Selective Service registration cards of other individuals, obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests.
    • All the authentic registration cards the investigators inspected displayed a Post Office stamp indicating the calendar year date stamp with four digits, for example “1980”. This was in sharp contrast to Mr. Obama’s card which displayed a two digit date stamp of “80” for the year.
    • Investigators interviewed several Post Office employees who verified that it was standard procedure to utilize only a four digit date stamp. Investigators learned that the date stamp that would have been utilized in 1980 was identified as a Pica Post Office stamp set that could only be obtained through postal supply houses.
    • Investigators located that particular stamp set but were unsuccessful in locating a four digit 1980 date stamp insert.
    • Noticing irregularities in the date stamp, namely the date “80” on Mr. Obama’s registration card, it is offset low and to right when compared to the full four digit “1980” date stamps on other cards. Investigators believed that this anomaly was created by the severing of an intact four year “2008” date stamp and inverting the remaining “08” inverting it to cause it to display “80”.
    • Investigators concluded that this representation of “80” that appears on Mr. Obama’s selective service card is in fact an altered 2008 pica date stamp.
    • Investigators obtained a 2008 Pica Post Office date stamp and severed it in between the two zeros. Then by inverting investigators were able to replicate an identical looking stamp to that one found on Mr. Obama selective service card. Investigators concluded that there is a high probability that Mr. Obama’s selective service card was recently created as an attempt to cover up the fact that Mr. Obama failed to register for Selective Service as required by law in 1980.

      Missing Immigration Records for August 1-7, 1961

    • There has been immense speculation that Mr. Obama may actually have been born in Kenya. These speculations were fuelled not only by the refusal of Mr. Obama to produce a valid Hawaiian birth certificate, but by recognition of the Kenya government claiming Kenya as being Mr. Obama’s birth place. There were numerous reports that Stanley Ann Dunham had reportedly left Hawaii to travel to Kenya in the summer of 1961 to give birth.
    • In an attempt to verify whether Mr. Obama and his mother Stanley Ann Dunham had possibly arrived in the United States at or around the alleged date of his birth, we contacted the National Archives to obtain microfilms of the immigration landing records (I-94 document) for the calendar year 1961.
    • Investigators focused on microfilm records of INS passenger cards for foreign flights arriving in Honolulu during the time period of July 1961 through September 1961.
    • We discovered that data records for the entire week of August 2, 1961 through August 7, 1961, were completely missing from the microfilm roll. This included the alleged date of Mr. Obama’s birth (August 4, 1961).

    Selective Service Registration Card Analysis

    • Investigators also examined Mr. Obama’s Selective Service registration card bearing Mr. Obama’s signature. They concluded that there is a high probability that Mr. Obama’s selective service card was recently created as an attempt to cover up the fact that Mr. Obama failed to register for Selective Service as required by law in 1980.
    • 1961 August 4, 7:24 pm – Barack Hussein Obama II was allegedly born in Kapiolani Hospital, Honolulu, HI, according to the image of his long-form birth certificate that is posted on the White House website. Birth certificate number 61-10641.
    • However, this has been greatly debated due in part to initial reports that Mr. Obama was reports to have been born in Queens Medical Center, in Honolulu Hawaii. Inquiries were made at Queens Medical Center and authorities there disclosed that they had no record of that event. Subsequently, a change was made in the narrative alleging the birth place to now be Kapiolani Hospital. While this may be an oversight other discrepancy surfaced around the information visible on the .pdf file image released by the White House.
    • The serial number shown on the image of the certificate, which purports on its face to have been imposed on the form with an automated sequential numbering stamp, is 61-10641. Investigators learned at that time, batches of birth certificates were collected monthly, ordered by date and time of birth, and then sequentially number-stamped in a special room by a single clerk trained for the purpose, to minimize numbering errors.
    • The long-form original certificates were inspected twice for accuracy by two different clerks and then signed by the registrar. They were kept together secured in a certain room until they were all numbered at the end of the month. They were not allowed to become out of order and they were not numbered incorrectly. (It should be noted that the Nordyke twins were born minutes apart and their respective certificate numbering was based not only by date but by time as well. This indicates the clerk scrutinized the documents prior to placing them in chronological order for proper numbering.)
    • Vital statistics will show that Susan Nordyke was born at Kapiolani Hospital at 2:12 p.m. Hawaii time on Aug. 5, 1961, and was given No. 151-61-10637, which was also filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.
    • Gretchen Nordyke, twin to Susan Nordyke, was born at Kapiolani Hospital at 2:17 p.m. Hawaii time on Aug. 5, 1961, and was given No. 151-61-10638, which was also filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.
    • Barack Hussein Obama II purportedly born at Kapiolani Hospital at 7:24 p.m. Hawaii, Aug. 4, 1961, and was given No. 151-61-10641, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 8, 1961.
    • Virginia Sunahara was born at Wahiawa Hospital at 9:16 p.m. Hawaii time on Aug. 4, 1961, and was given No. 161-1961-011080, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 10, 1961.

      Name of child    Date and time born        Registered    Certificate #

      Barack Obama     Aug 4 at 7:24 pm        Aug 8        10641

      Virginia Sunahar Aug 4 at 9:16 pm        Aug 10    11080

      Susan Nordyke    Aug 5 at 2:12 pm        Aug 11    10637

      Gretchen Nordyke    Aug 5 at 2:17 pm        Aug 11    10638

    • 1961 August 4, 9:16 pm – Virginia Sunahara was born in Hawaii, according to her current birth record. The serial number currently shown on Virginia Sunahara short form Certificate of Live Birth as that of her birth record is 61-11080. This registration number is 439 numbers after Barack Hussein Obama II.
    • Some 17,578 births occurred in Hawaii in 1961 – an average of about two births per hour. Virginia Sunahara was born less than two hours after Barack Hussein Obama II stated time of birth, so that the number that ought to have appeared on her original birth certificate should have been not more than a dozen either side of Barack Hussein Obama II 61-10641.
    • Virginia Sunahara registration number is inexplicably out of sequence by 439 numbers.
    • 1961 August 5 – Death of Virginia Sunahara after breathing complications at 8 PM
    • Mr. Obama’s birth certificate was registered August 8, 1961. The Nordyke twins’ birth certificate was registered August 11, 1961. Even if the sequential numbering had followed the date of registration rather than the date of birth, Mr. Obama’s certificate should have been automatically assigned a number lower, not higher, than the numbers allocated to the certificates of the Nordyke twins. And the number currently assigned to Ms. Sunahara is entirely out of sequence.

      Hawaii Newspaper Birth Announcements

    • Investigators conducted an exhaustive search of all birth records announced in the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin for the month of August 1961.
    • The following conclusions were reached:

      • There was no apparent consistency in the order or day with which each newspaper reported birth announcements, such that one or the other of the two newspapers would often lead or lag the other in the reporting of any particular birth.
      • Some births were announced in one newspaper and not in another.
      • Some births were not announced at all.
      • Births to unwed mothers were omitted from reporting in either newspaper, even though Hawaii vital statistics report there were over 1,000 births to unwed mothers in 1961.
    • A comparison of the Obama birth announcement in the two newspapers clearly demonstrates the announcements are identical in every detail, including the order of other birth announcements preceding and following the Obama birth announcement.


    • We found the sequence of reported births around the reporting of the Obama birth was actually an anomaly for Hawaiian newspaper reporting in August 1961 because the sequence of births before and after Obama’s was one of the few birth sequences in the entire month that were identical in every detail, including the order of other birth announcements preceding and following the Obama birth announcement.
    • We concluded that birth lists were in fact released by the Hawaii Department of Health, not information volunteered to the newspaper from parents or relatives, was the likely source of information for the newspaper birth announcement listing, in that:

      Neither newspaper had an editor that handled birth announcements;

      • Both newspapers merely printed birth announcements, directly as received, from information published in Department of Hawaii vital statistics announcements;
      • Hawaiian hospitals did not report to newspapers any birth announcement information;
      • Neither newspaper independently checked the truthfulness or accuracy of birth announcement information published by the newspapers from Hawaii Department of Health vital statistics records.
    • Searching over a several year period, various researchers have found repeated listings of births to Japanese parents as being reported in the newspapers as Hawaiian births, even though the children were found to be born in Japan. These findings tend to reinforce what we learned on our visits to Hawaii: that it was then the widely-recognized practice in Hawaii, later regularized by statute, to certify foreign births to Hawaiian parents as Hawaiian births.
    • In 1961, the Hawaii Department of Health appears to have used local area offices outside Honolulu as reporting centers where parents and other family members could represent children born to the family as Hawaiian births, without submitting any proof the child was actually born in Hawaii. This practice was also statutorily permitted.
    • It is plausible that an original birth record of some type for Mr. Obama may exist in Hawaii. However, as noted elsewhere, our investigation has discovered that at that time Hawaiian law contained a specific provision that permitted a Hawaiian parent of a child born anywhere in the world or any adult purporting to represent that parent, the right to register the child as Hawaiian-born.
    • It is for this reason that two entries in the “Births” column of the local newspapers at the time do not constitute evidence that Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii. They are merely evidence suggesting that a birth certificate of some type was issued for him in Hawaii, and they tell us nothing about whether or not he was born there. In particular they do not – as the White House document purports to do – identify the hospital of birth. Hawaii law permits various forms of registration and supplementation at later dates, with different information. The mere issuance of a birth record does not confirm the birth took place within the state of Hawaii or in the United States.
    • If Mr. Obama had not in fact been born in Hawaii, the long-form original birth certificate would not have stated that he had been born in a particular hospital at a particular time, and would not have borne the signatures of the attending physician. The newspaper entries would have been identical whether he had been born in Hawaii or elsewhere in the world, but the birth records would not have been identical.
    • The existence of this law permitting out-of-country births to be registered as though they were Hawaiian births is a further evidence that he newspaper announcements of Mr. Obamas purported birth in Hawaii cannot and should not be relied on as any evidentiary validation of the event taking place as depicted by the manufactured .pdf file image released by the White House.

      Irregularities in the Parents’ Address

    • B Obama (Kenya) and Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama’s alleged parents, did not live together as man and wife at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway in Hawaii, the birth address shown on the White House image as well as in the two birth announcements for Barack Obama Jr. published in local newspapers at the time.
    • Both newspapers, the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin, carried the announcement that Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, to Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama who resided at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway.
    • Madelyn Dunham and her daughter Stanley Ann lived at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway. There is no evidence that B Obama Sr. lived there.
    • Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack H. Obama Sr. lived at two different addresses after their marriage. Stanley Ann Dunham remained in the rented 6085 Kalanianaole Highway after her marriage.
    • B Obama Sr, lived alone at an 11th Avenue address, closer to the university where he was a student. It is reported that Stanley Ann Dunham left Hawaii in August 1961, the month of Barack Obama Jr.’s birth, taking him with her but leaving her husband behind when she moved to Seattle to enroll at the University of Washington.
    • Whether B Obama Sr. did not establish a residence with his wife and son in Hawaii is unknown, there is no listing in the Polk directories for 1961 – 1962 that documents Stanley Ann Dunham and B Obama (Kenya) as ever having lived at the same address.
    • A search of the Polk’s Directory of Honolulu for 1961-62 indicates that 6085 Kalanianaole Highway was being rented by the grandparents, Madelyn L. Dunham, listed as a loan interviewer and escrow agent at the Bank of Hawaii, and Stanley A. Dunham, listed as a manager with Pratt Furniture.


    • In a separate listing, Ann S. Obama, Mr. Obama’s mother, is identified as a student living at the 6085 Kalanianaole Highway address; Barack H. Obama, her husband, is listed as a student living at a separate address, his own apartment at 625 11th Avenue, closer to the University of Hawaii at Manoa:


    • Polk’s Directory of City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii 1961-1962
    • Researchers were unable to determine that B Obama (Kenya) and Stanley Ann Dunham Obama ever lived together at any common address in Hawaii
    • Much of Mr. Obamas early life remains a mystery and is only revealed to the public through an unsupported composite narrative. Instances exist where the narrative of birth or other reported life time events have been called into question and then the narrative is altered in an effort to clears up discrepancy, but absent of any documentation supporting the change in questionable facts.
    • A thorough background investigation supported by the release of life time documentation would be necessary to strengthen the birth narrative should it exist as depicted to the public.
    • However, investigators have been hampered by the refusal of Mr. Obama to release any of his past records should they exist.
    • Record not released including the follow:

      • Original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate.
      • Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barak Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham)
      • Name change (Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama)
      • Obama’s adoption records
      • Records of Obama’s and his mother’s repatriation as US citizens on return from return from Indonesia
      • Obama’s baptism records
      • Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii)
      • Punahou School financial aid or school records
      • Occidental College financial aid records
      • Harvard Law School records
      • Columbia senior thesis
      • Columbia College records
      • Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association
      • Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State Senator
      • Obama’s law client list
      • Obama’s medical records
      • Obama’s passport records

        Sworn to under penalty of perjury.

         Date                             Michael Zullo