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Well America, here we are again one step closer to the ever approaching, abysmal pit…. of tyranny. There were a lot of things reported today that likely went completely unnoticed. The Santa Monica shooter for instance, it turns out he was a Muslim and seven years ago he was actually investigated by California police for having bomb making material in his apartment. While we are being told that we absolutely must be spied on to keep us safe from these kinds of people, the mental disease of political correctness is actually letting them go so they don’t have hurt feelings. My question is why it has to be innocent people who suffer from the delusions of men with an agenda? I wouldn’t refer to that as “social justice” would you?

Glenn Beck reported on his radio show that 56% of Americans are o.k. with the government conducting surveillance on them because they have nothing to hide. Wow! I bet if they realized that nearly 30,000 new laws were added to the books in 2012 alone they wouldn’t be so naive. Its unfathomable to them that the information being collected by the government could someday be used against them. The way our public schools are turning our children into pansies these days it is likely this percentage will increase because they will be scared to death of anything that looks like a gun, even if it is just an edible pastry. California public schools are currently hosting “toy gun buyback programs.” These kids will be the first generation of Americans to voluntarily surrender their family’s firearms.

This is all indicative of the lost state of mind our people are in these days and until we figure out how to take control of what they are learning it isn’t going to change. Instead of being taught how to problem solve and lead from the front, our children are being trained to follow along and not question authority. Fifty six percent of our population has no problem with these government bureaucracies, who are headed by unelected bureaucrats with no accountability to anyone, spying on them so they feel safe. That state of mind will be very difficult to overcome in our lifetime’s folks.

I want to continue with a theme I have been touching on for the past few weeks. I believe what we are witnessing in this nation is the actual culmination of the intended implementation of the 45 goals of the communist party. My original intent was to cover all 45 of them; admittedly this is proving to be a daunting task so I decided to focus on the most relevant, the ones with the most identifiable consequences if you will. Just to remind you once again of one of the most basic tenets of communism, you must be hopeless, lost and devoid of any faith in order to accept it because they need you to believe the state is the end all be all authority. Once this is understood I believe a greater insight into the “goals” and how they relate to daily occurrences can be developed.

Most of us are beyond fed up with elected officials who swear an oath to uphold and defend the constitution only to watch them stomp all over it. It’s as if oaths have absolutely no meaning to them whatsoever. Why should they? Taking an oath to uphold something is to acknowledge that there is something above you, a greater power if you will that you acknowledge is higher than you. Communists, socialists, collectivists don’t believe in anything higher than humanism and moral relativism so why would they care to uphold an oath? Besides that it gets in the way of their agenda. Would it shock you to know that one of the goals of the 45 declared goals of the communist party is the doing away of all loyalty oaths? Remember, communists need you to lose hope. What better ways to get you to lose faith than to watch people you vote for continually violate their oath of office? Eventually, (and it is happening already) an argument would have to be made against the constitution itself because the reason people violate their oath is the constitution standing in their way of doing what’s right. This is according to liberal dogma anyway. Speaking of discrediting the constitution, yeah that’s one of the declared goals also.

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

How many times have you heard that since President Obama has been in office? What should be noted here is the last sentence concerning cooperation between nations. China has issued a report calling our 2nd amendment a threat to human rights and President Obama has recently been to Mexico blaming their drug violence on our 2nd amendment. Discrediting the constitution has become a global game folks because it is the last stronghold of freedom in the world. I also can’t tell you how many students I heard repeat this trash almost word for word as well. Remember, Dostoevsky said that people will accept anything in place of the current system if they feel hopeless enough. The goals of the left are to present our constitution as something that promotes violence, world conquest and of course white privilege. This is why there is so much emphasis on the second amendment and the idea of protecting people from being offended. People would rather not have their feelings hurt than to make an effort to support the free speech rights of someone they don’t agree with. As far as the second amendment is concerned; if you have any doubts reread paragraph two.

The next time you hear the typical liberal regurgitating the belief that the constitution is outdated you will know where that came from. These goals in my opinion do a lot to explain why we have kids walking around in a virtual lala land today totally clueless about who they are, or why they live in a “free country.” The funny thing about the constitution is that it fits in your back pocket almost unnoticed. It takes a half hour to read and yet people have been “brainwashed” into believing a 2500 page health care law that was never read is the better alternative. This is the effectiveness of communist propaganda. Just to develop the mindset of where we are as a nation educated about the constitution, a college student once told me he wouldn’t read it because it was too long and too complicated.

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29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis. barack obama communist goals john risselada old-fashioned out of step with modern needs