Obama Pushes Phony Poll Numbers to Advance Gun Control Agenda


When it comes to placing blame, Obama has most assuredly been the president who knows how to play the best. If it isn’t race, it’s the republicans, or it’s the “they are just against me” rhetoric. While appearing on ABC News’ “This Week with George Stephanopolous,” Obama commented that 80 to 90 percent of Americans were in agreement with him when it came to favoring gun control; however, he could not “get gun-control legislation enacted because of a ‘faction of the Republican party.’”

Stephanopolous had asked Obama about the reason issues on which he had chosen to focus in the second term of his presidency that seem to be stalled. Obama claimed the immigration bill with its “pathway to citizen” for illegal aliens passed the Senate and would pass in the House except that Speaker John Boehner would not bring it to vote. On the gun-control legislation, Obama said, “I mean, gun control, we had 80, 90 percent of the country that agreed with it.”

Overall, Obama placed the blame on a Republican Party faction. “The problem we have is we have a faction of the Republican Party, in the House of Representatives in particular, that view compromise as a dirty word and anything that is either remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose,” Obama said. “And my argument to them is simple. That’s not why the people sent to[sic] here.”

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According to CNSnews.com:

On Jan. 23, Gallup published a poll in which it had asked people about some gun-related issues. Gallup asked, for example: “Would you vote for or against a law that would limit the sale of ammunition magazines to those with 10 rounds or less?” Fifty-four percent said they would, and 43 percent said they would not.

But when the respondents to that question were broken out as Democrats, Independents and Republicans, only a majority of the Democrats (74 percent) said they would. By contrast, only 46 percent of Independents said they would limit the sale of ammunition magazines to those with 10 rounds or less, and only 39 percent of Republicans.

Eighty percent of Democrats said they would reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban that was in effect from 1994 to 2004, but only 51 percent of Independents said they would do so, and only 49 percent of Republicans.

Large percentages of Republicans (92 percent), Democrats (97 percent) and Independents (86 percent) said they favored requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales.

Overall, a majority of 82 percent agreed with increasing government spending on mental health programs for youth, including 93 percent of Democrats, 84 percent of Independents and 67 percent of Republicans.

The January poll by Gallup is interesting to say the least. In reading and re-reading, nowhere could an 80 to 90 percent agreement on gun-control legislation be found. That percentage is tied to mental health programs and criminal background checks, but certainly not to gun control. Only 74 percent of Democrats supported limiting the sale of ammunition magazines to those with 10 rounds or less; but that’s not guns. So, where does this 80 to 90 percent of the country supporting gun-control legislation poll exist?

It seems Obama may be clinging to a poll taken for MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” The poll surveyed 1,200 people and oversampled Democrats. This poll indicated that 87 percent of Americans supported requiring background checks for private gun sales and sales at gun shows.

In May of 2013, the Reason-Rupe National Poll found that, overall, only 33 percent of Americans felt the Senate should continue to vote on gun-control legislation while 62 percent of Americans felt they should move on to other issues. A Pew Research Center survey, conducted in May, indicated that “81 percent of Americans said they continue to back making gun show and private firearms sales subject to background checks, while only 17 percent said they were opposed,” according to a Huffington Post article.

From the looks of any poll, results are varied by location, number of people surveyed, and the demographics of the group. Depending on these variables, I could go out today, conduct a survey and get results showing 80 to 90 percent of people opposed to any type of gun-control legislation. Tomorrow, I could go out, conduct a survey and get results showing 80 to 90 percent of people who would support gun legislation. If you factor in sensational, skewed news reports surrounding a mass shooting or a child getting shot, those numbers could go higher in support of gun legislation. If you factor in a sensational news report about terrorists attacking a town, those numbers could go higher in opposing gun legislation.

I view polls and surveys as I view eating. Depending on the day, time and year, what I would like to eat and choose to eat varies. It’s the same thing with opinions.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Regardless of what any poll, survey or opinion of the masses may be at the time, this country was established as a Constitutional Republic intent on preserving God-given rights and freedoms and protecting the individual from over bearing, over reaching, tyrannical government. The Second Amendment is clear and the most important, as it ensures all others. This amendment says nothing about criminal background checks or magazine limits or ammunition type.

Some individuals on the left think those of us who support the Second Amendment as written are in favor of criminals having guns, or at least, that is what some I have encountered think. Well, criminals are not going to patronage a gun shop and purchase a gun; they’re criminals. Background checks do nothing to deter criminals from obtaining guns nor do they keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Criminals commit crimes to get goods. They are not going to go buy something they can get for free by committing a crime. If they want a gun, they steal one or get one through other illegal means.

Any argument over gun control is moot. The Constitution is the law of the land and the Second Amendment is clear. It’s only a problem for those who want total power and control or those who believe the government will provide for their security and protection.

However, the bigger picture involves not any one single issue. It concerns an out of control president who is intent on “ruling” this country instead of leading it. Any opposition to his agenda is seen as a “race issue” or a “Republican issue” or “lack of compromise.” Remember, compromise with this type of man occupying the oval office involves caving to his demands as though he is a “Supreme Ruler,” “a God,” or “A King.” Nothing less. The law of the land means little, if anything, to him. He will use everything at his disposal to destroy it and this country. As of right now, he is doing a good job and is bringing it more out in the open by clinging to data that serves his purpose thinking the rest of America will succumb to the majority, thereby abandoning the preservation of individual God-given rights.

Stick to your guns America! We must demand from our elected officials they honor their oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution.

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