Obama Sacrificing Economy over CO2 Reduction Based on Global Warming Lie


The recent so-called leaked UN climate change document by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wasn’t a leaked event at all. What it was amounts to a deliberate release to the public in hopes that their dire predictions of global warming, human suffering, and mass climate related deaths would appear as something they did not want to make public due to it being much worse than we could handle at this time. Thus, appearing as much more important than it really is.

The document itself is only a rehash of what we have heard from them for decades and does not provide any new information at all. This latest report mirrored the Landmark Climate Change Report released less than 2 month ago where basically, these IPCC climate scientists who are not really climate scientists at all, but well educated enviro-clowns masquerading as climate scientists, were left scratching their heads because their predictions of global warming had yet to become reality.

The world’s climate isn’t cooperating with the IPCC because global warming in terms of what they want us to believe does not exist and never has. The primary excuse for global warming, as the IPCC says, is rising CO2 levels.

In short, UN climate based organizations have been wrong 100% of the time since the beginning.

When the UN first began to propagandize global warming over some 20 years ago, they tried to make us believe that they had actual proof of it occurring. We were told that glaciers were disappearing worldwide, both poles were melting at an alarming rate, the ocean levels were rising, and CO2 levels were at their highest in history. 

In an attempt to instill fear into the minds of average people, Michael Mann. Another bogus climate scientist brought out his infamous Hockey Stick Graph showing a drastic spike in temperatures, primarily occurring over the last several decades. Mann later became a laughingstock when the graph was found to be a fabrication based on false information.

Some notable UN climate false claims.

IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, 2007, claiming the glaciers on the Himalayan Mountains were melting and would be gone by 2935 was proven false by John Wahr, professor of physics at University of Colorado at Boulder using actual physical facts.

  • No discernible rises in sea levels have been recorded.
  • Fraudulent sea level rise claim of Moore Island another misleading farce.
  • Ice melting at poles at an alarming rate is false for the Antarctic and the Arctic.
  • It’s easy to show ice melting at the poles when the images are taken in the summer season and presented to the public as having been taken during the winter as UN climate organizations have done. 
  • CO2 levels pass the milestone level of 400 PPM. The last time so much greenhouse gas was in the air was several million years ago.

Sounds legit on the surface, but, upon investigation this estimate turns out to be as bogus as the rest of the claims made by the UN climate propaganda machine.

First of all, the world’s CO2 monitoring stations are all located on top of, or very near areas where CO2 is naturally produced, such as volcanoes, fault lines, under water sea mounts, and even in areas subject to smog from large cities. Thus, they always get a much higher reading of atmospheric CO2 than anywhere else in the world.

It is a fact that CO2 levels rise hundreds of years after a spike in temperatures, not before. This is because when an overall warming of the atmosphere takes place around the world, millions of CO2 producing plants and trees begin to grow, thus produce more CO2

The very idea that we are told that CO2 is responsible for warming the earth’s atmosphere is absurd and proven to be false by concrete scientific fact.  

Another scientific fact about CO2 is that it comprises only around 1% of 1% of the total gases in our entire atmosphere. This makes CO2 an inert gas at best, proving that there isn’t enough of it to influence weather or climate.

UN climate organizations have repeatedly stated as fact that the warmest decade on record was from 2000 to 2010.

Actually, the warmest decade was the 1930’s when actual recorded temperatures, not corrupted computer data, are used.

None of the UN climate organizations seems to be able to make up their minds on what the hottest year was since they have mentioned every year from 2000 to 2012 as the warmest on record. In actuality, the hottest year ever recorded legitimately was 1934.

Then there is the WikiLeak documents which catch UN climate based organizations in lies and conspiring to further the deception of climate change on the public. These documents are slowly disappearing, however, since released; it will be difficult to bury them all.

WikiLeaks has also proven that the US is bullying countries to go along with the climate change farce.

We can clearly see the whole climate change issue as a total fabrication, having nothing to do with the planet’s weather or climate and everything to do with money, politics and control.

Since Edmond de Rothschild was the first to mention global warming and CO2 being responsible for it back in 1987 in a statement at the 4th World Wilderness Congress, we now have the money and power trail.

Politically, climate change gives the UN complete control over the sovereignty of all nations under the guise of protection against an enemy which threatens the world. It also grants total control over the daily lives of every citizen on the face of the world by controlling what they drive, how much they can travel, what they are allowed to use in energy, eat, wear, and the list goes on.

We as US citizens must stop allowing our government to sacrifice our economy over a bald-faced lie. Climate change has been proven to be a total farce based on fabrication.

Since our current President, Barack Obama, chooses to further degrade the American economy by signing an Executive Order to reduce CO2 levels. We as Americans are left with no choice but to fight for our country’s sovereignty and economic growth by demanding from all our elected officials that we opt out of a damaging climate change policy based on the fact that it is a lie and a detriment to our well-being as individuals and as a nation. 

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