Obama To Condemn Free Speech Before United Nations


We continue to hear the White House put the blame for Muslims attacking U.S. embassies across the Middle East and other areas on a silly film that mocks Islam and Muhammad. They have even gone so far as to start shelling out tax payer dollars to put ads on Pakistani television, while YouTube bans those same ads to Pakistan. But Obama isn’t done just yet. No, no. He plans to attack the First Amendment, specifically Freedom of Speech, like that exercised by the filmmaker of “Innocence of Muslims” at the United Nations next week.

Politico reports:

National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor previews the president’s speech to the UN General Assembly next week:

“UNGA always provides an opportunity for the President to put the international situation in context, and to put forward a vision of US leadership. I would certainly expect the President to address the recent unrest in the Muslim world, and the broader context of the democratic transitions in the Arab World.”

“As he has in recent days, the President will make it clear that we reject the views in this video, while also underscoring that violence is never acceptable – a message that has been echoed by the leaders he has personally reached out to in places like Libya, Egypt and Yemen. He will also send a clear message that the United States will never retreat from the world; will bring justice to those who harm Americans; and will stand strongly for our democratic values abroad.

John Nolte over at Breitbart.com points out the eerily Orwellian flavor this all has. He writes,

As our economy slows, incomes shrink, unemployment creeps up, and poverty explodes — the media assures us we’re in “recovery” and that our frustrations should be taken out on “Emmanuel Goldstein,” also known as “America’s Successful.”

As Obama’s appalling policy of disengaging in the Middle East comes to fruition in the form of the region exploding and al-Qaeda’s targeted assassination of an American ambassador — the media spends two weeks savaging Mitt Romney and directing our sorrow, rage, and helpless on “Emmanuel Goldstein,” also known as “A Stupid Filmmaker.”

For weeks this administration, aided and abetted by The State Media, has shamelessly lied to us about what happened in Libya. Moreover, in order to cover up and distract for unforgivable security lapses, this hapless filmmaker has been targeted for all of the blame — certainly more blame than the Administration’s failure to secure a consulate on 9/11 (of all days), but even more blame than the actual murderers.

Indeed, there is disinformation coming from the White House, but there is no doubt that what is at stake is not some film being responsible for these attacks. That has clearly been exposed. The real issue is people in those countries who cannot control their rage and be tolerant of others’ views. Instead they express their disagreement with violence. Now Obama will come out and demonstrate that he sympathizes with them and with the concept of Shariah law by condemning the God-given rights of men to free speech and he will do it before the entire world.

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