Obama Willing to Risk American Lives to Keep Borders Open


The King has spoken! There is no stopping it: mass amnesty. The train is powered up, just waiting at the station for the green light from Obama. Nothing can (or should I say “will”) stop it. Not the states, which will bear the heavy burden of supporting these millions of “dreamers,” not the Congress, and certainly not the Senate.

No, this train is leaving the station. Now it’s just a question of when. We all know it will be after the midterms, about a month from now, but regardless of the election outcome, Obama will pull the trigger before year-end.

Recent developments, however, have some calling into question the wisdom of the open border/amnesty policy. You may have heard – it’s a minor ailment, a little something that’s been going around – Ebola.

Some actually have the audacity to say that we should be canceling all flights to and from the affected African countries. Our administration and their supporters think this is just a silly overreaction – that disallowing flights to and from America will just isolate those poor countries and hamper relief efforts.

United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric claims that, “Ebola can only be contracted through direct contact with a sick person’s bodily fluids. It isn’t transmitted through the air, so you are more likely to catch a cold on a flight than Ebola.”

Way to lay some wisdom on us, Steph. But see, the problem is, if you happen to catch the common cold “accidentally,” what do you have? The common cold. Given a bit of time, it will pass. If one happens to “accidentally” catch Ebola, the only thing that is likely to pass is your life before your eyes. I’d rather not play those odds, thank you.

And I certainly am not going to trust the hollow words of the same idiots who tell us man-made global warming is real. It seems you folks are more “cautious” about that than about a disease that can actually kill millions.

So now we have at least one confirmed case of Ebola stateside and possibly several more. But our borders, both physical and virtual, remain wide open. I say virtual, because everyone allowed on a flight to the United States is effectively crossing our border.

But what about our security measures? They are working, right? Everyone is being thoroughly screened for symptoms, and they are using those infrared temperature scanners to detect fever, right?

Well, yes and no. Everyone is being “scanned,” but that’s about it…and the infrared thermometers are not 100% accurate. Also, many articles have recently reported that one can easily fool the pitiful screening procedures by simply lying on the disclosure form and taking a bunch of ibuprofen to knock down the fever temporarily.

Okay, so this is becoming a real problem and could get out of hand quite easily, but what does Ebola have to do with amnesty? Simple. As I stated, nothing – and I mean nothing- must stand in the way of Obama’s grand plan to enact ballpoint amnesty (get it – he has a pen – get it – a ballpoint pen). Not even a deadly, potentially pandemic disease with no known cure.

He will do whatever it takes to downplay the threat. His spokespeople will be sent out daily to lie about the severity. Anything to keep the borders open. Obama knows that if he orders flight restrictions from Africa and beefs up screening, he has effectively closed a border, and he can’t have the American people realizing that a closed border is a safe border.

So am I, and many other right wing wackos, actually saying that Obama is willing to risk the health and very lives of American citizens for political gain? That’s a big 10-4, good buddy! I’m saying exactly that. He and his supporters really are that evil.

Sadly, the only thing that will stop Obama’s amnesty train will be an actual pandemic right here in the good ole USA.

So pick your poison, folks – a slow death from a continuous stream of untold millions of illegals, or a quick death from Ebola, or maybe both.

Update: The doctor who was recently “cured” of Ebola has been readmitted to a hospital in Massachusetts. The government assures us it’s not related to the disease.

Whew – I feel better – and have NO reason to doubt our government!

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