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While all 45 Senate Republicans have called for a permanent delay in Obamacare, the Washington Times is reporting that members of the “Senate’s spending committee defeated a two pronged attempt to strike and defund key mandates” in the healthcare bill. This proverbial mess regarding this healthcare monstrosity likens to a bad nightmare that continues after you wake up.

Obama unilaterally decided to postpone implementation of the employer mandate while proceeding ahead with the individual mandate. This has caught Senate Democrats off guard so they turn to blaming the GOP. Of course, the spokesman for Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House minority leader, accused Republicans of playing games instead of working on reforms.

Let’s get this straight.

This entire abomination of healthcare law has not even gotten into implementation yet and already Congress needs to “work on reform.” A law that has not been implemented that now needs to be reformed signals there is something wrong with the entire law. But, instead of looking at the issue from that perspective, these cretins continue to leave their brain disengaged while putting mouth in motion. Not only that, Washington has become so polarized by party, with some paralyzed by Obama idolatry and others paralyzed by political correctness, no one is working for the American public.

With all that said, I have but one question regarding the powers of the President. Since the President took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, one of the powers of the Executive is to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” How can a President unilaterally call for the enforcement of one part of the law while excusing another part of it? This is not faithfully executing the law. This is executing inequality of that law.

While Congress is busy playing “tit for tat,” pointing fingers at each other and in general acting like spoiled children on the playground, with everyone wanting to take their toys and go home, the entire big picture is eluding them or they have become too dumbed down to see it. The President may have openly violated his Constitutional responsibility to see that the laws are faithfully executed by not applying the law equally. Employers get a postponement while individuals do not.

Congress has repeatedly ignored the fact the healthcare mandate is unconstitutional, ignored the fact the Supreme Court ruled erroneously, ignored the budget catastrophe of this bill, ignored their constituents, ignored practically every sign at every turn and now ignore the biggest one of all. Democrats fight to keep it, along with the RINOs, while Republicans fight to find a way to defund it. Again, it would behoove them to hit the mark at this point as an agency under the executive branch posted a blog saying employers would get an additional year before being mandated with Obamacare. But the banter on wanting answers outweighs the thinking capacity of Congress.

Where did Congress get the impression Obama is accountable to them as he and his departments have been thumbing their noses at the legislative branch for years? The Constitution provides for checks and balances between the President, Congress and Supreme Court. For all intents and purposes, Obama threw that document out and sees himself more of a dictator than the President; tolerating Congress as insignificant bugs he will squash with his shoes. Congress pandered to this man based on political correctness instead of holding to the Constitution, for whatever reason. It seems that the ice of Congress runs more yellow than red. Those few in Congress, trying to play on the red ice, have had little effect, which is sad.

It is doubtful that any resolution can come out of Washington these days for the appropriate repeal of this abomination. It is even more doubtful Congress will see the possible failure of Obama to faithfully execute the law as mandated by the Constitution. What it may boil down to is how many citizens will be willing to exercise civil disobedience to an unconstitutional law and one that will be implemented unequally.

There isn’t enough Phenergan, Compazine, Zofran or Inapsine in the world to stop the nausea that occurs daily from the inane incompetence and negligence coming out of Washington regarding Obamacare. Obamacare is the disease whose full effects will not be known to the government that passed it until it has run its course, with all the symptoms revealed. Unfortunately, by that time, it may be too late to treat that disease and eradicate all the symptoms.

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