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President, and I do have a problem using our nation’s top title with Barack Obama, I have this problem because the very people Obama says he wishes to help are nearly always the very ones that suffer under his and the Democratic, or should I say Socialist, policies. It is the poor that will suffer the most under an ideology that Obama has been trying to push through Congress. He ignores the very Constitution he took an oath to, “protect, defend, and preserve”; all of which he is not doing at all! Now Obama is trying to use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to shut down coal plants that produce electricity, all in the name of “Climate Change.”

In an article posted on June 24, 2013, we find that the overall temperature has risen some .06 degrees in 15 years! This is not the killing “Climate Change” Obama is speaking of nor is it anything we, as a people, should have to pay huge prices in lost jobs and higher electric rates over. Obama is an unadulterated liar about this.

Obama’s lies are shown with pure scientific data and not the hot air he has been spewing in the article by one Penny Starr titled, “Global Warming? Temperature Up ‘Very Close to Zero’ Over 15 Years.”

Obama did call people who do not agree with him “Flat Earthers.” Let’s show just how wrong Obama really is! First let us go back to April of 2013 where Russian scientists say the Earth will cool until 2050! Here are the links along with the brief description.

April ’13

Now given this with links to prove what is being said and the very definite facts that the United States ignored Russia when they told us of the Boston Marathon Bombers, maybe, just maybe, we should pay attention to what they have to say on the subject. For Barack Obama, this is part of the “Flat Earth Society” and that is why Russia and most of the world laugh at Obama.

We cannot continue without showing even more facts. How about going even further back to March 2013.

March ’13

Take a look at Calcutta, India. They experienced the coldest day in 100 years. Now just how in the world could that happen if, and this is according to Barack Obama, the world is getting warmer? Maybe the real “Flat Earth” man is Barack Obama.

The list above shows that back in 2012 and early 2013 that much of the Northern hemisphere had record cold and it shows links to the very articles which prove this! Where is Obama’s evidence? He shows skewed graphs and indications that the United States is going through conditions which warrant shutting down our coal producing States along with our very dependable coal fired plants, and what does he wish to replace these with?

Obama wants to replace the coal-fired plants with wind mills, but therein lies a huge problem because in order to do that the people will have to move from their homes to make room for the large amount of wind mills to replace just one coal fired plant. To get an idea of how that would work, let me give an example. Let us say that just one coal-fired plant can produce, on the average, some 475 Gigawatts of power. Now let us consider the fact that just 1 large wind mill can only produce about 3 Megawatts of power. Now with these numbers in mind we can do the math and just divide the 3 Megawatts into the 475 Gigawatts and find that it will take approximately 660 windmills to replace just one coal fired plant. However, if you then consider the amount of land needed, which is about 2 acres per wind mill, it would be some 1,320 acres that would be needed!

Yet another problem develops with the windmill idea. What happens when they have no wind? Unlike the coal fired plant, wind mills cannot run 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Now let us get back to displaying Facts that Obama seems to have forgotten in his “Flat Earth” ideology. Let’s look to January of 2013.

January ’13

For those who will be hurt the most by Obama’s new attack on coal, it shows just how facts are eliminated to help Obama demonstrate his “Flat Earth” ideology without substantial proof to back him up. We will be called “Flat Earthers” for going against what Obama claimed as truth, but remember, it was Obama who stated early on in his first run for President, “Electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.” This now seems to finally be close to reality, but it will not be because of his so-called “Climate Change,” which is perhaps the largest scam yet. It will be due to Obama “forcing” people to pay more so that he can come back and say that we need wind and solar power, both of which could never take the place of coal, oil or natural gas!

In January of 2013 29 people died from cold in wait, this is no joke, Mexico! Mexico, the place where people associate very hot days? Obama would have the very people he stands before the microphone and says he will help be led to believe that this never happened and that anyone whom says so is what he calls, “Flat Earthers.”

It is Obama whom lies about what is going on and many will question why and how could we make such outrageous statements. Well, we can do so because Obama has yet to speak the truth to anyone. If we dig deep enough into Obama’s background, one will find out that should his ideas about “Climate Change’ be incorporated, he along with his dear friend Al Gore, will both make billions while the very people that voted for Obama will freeze in the dark! Given that picture, we have to state that it is Obama that is the “Flat Earther” and not those who know the truth. Carbon Dioxide does not cause a substantial increase in temperature and the Earth has only increased in temperature by a very small .06 of a degree over the last 15 years!

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