Obama’s Limitless Military Authorization


Does our federal government do anything that’s constitutional anymore? The IRS targeting citizens and the EPA, through its vast and growing power to regulate, is effectively legislating energy companies out of existence.

They lie about legislations they intend to pass. They feed the government behemoth by way of continuing resolution in lieu of their duty to submit budgets, and they go to war without declaring war.

The founders warned us that without proper checks in accordance with the Constitution, we would eventually end up being ruled by an all-powerful executive.

Now, on top of everything else we’ve witnessed this week – the ridiculous gotcha report crafted by no-name Feinstein cronies and the absurd testimony of that dirt bag Gruber – this administration now wants virtually limitless authority to use U.S. military force whenever and wherever it sees fit without a declaration of war or even a check-with-me from Congress.

For the longest time, I held up the Woodrow Wilson administration as the worst in American history, but this bunch makes Wilson look like a small-time street hustler.

On Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry said the administration wants to expand the use of the military to pretty much anywhere Obama wants to go.

Of course, Kerry couches his statements to make it appear that they are speaking only of the fight against ISIS. Reuters reported Kerry as saying, “Any congressional authorization of U.S. military force against Islamic State should be flexible and not limit the flight to Iraq and Syria.”

To this, the AP reported: “Critics say the White House’s use of post-9/11 congressional authorizations is a legal stretch at best.” Um…Duh! What did we expect was going to happen? A spineless legislature doesn’t have the stones to simply and constitutionally declare war on terrorism. Instead they pass the use of force agreement, and are now somehow surprised that the next guy up won’t abuse that privilege you in Congress have granted.

In fact, authorization for the use of military force is not the same as a declaration of war, which is constitutional. It is, in fact, a cowardly way to authorize the use of our war fighters and equipment without the constitutional burden, responsibility, and accountability.

The AP wrote that “Generally, Kerry said the administration is seeking an authorization that does not include a geographic limitation. The U.S. does not expect to take military action outside Iraq or Syria, but that ‘it would be a mistake to advertise to’ the Islamic state militants that they have safe haven outside those countries.”

“Kerry said that, while they do not intend to send combat forces to fight IS, ‘we should not bind the hands of the commander-in-chief.'”

Wow! This is the scariest thing I’ve heard from this administration yet – and by a stretch. Kerry is actually asking for a blank military check to go anywhere and do anything Obama sees fit to do.

Don’t think for a second that this request, with its lack of geographic restrictions, if authorized, will be limited to fighting ISIS.

I shudder to think what they really have planned – because I guarantee it’s not to fight ISIS or al Qaeda or any other terrorist group. They don’t take the threat of terrorism seriously enough. Just look at the Feinstein report.

I don’t know what Obama is planning, but we will rue the day carte blanche military authorization is given to this guy.

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