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Following reports that the Oklahoma militia had pledged their support to Cliven Bundy, Freedom Outpost was contacted by spokesman Sean Parrish for the Oklahoma Defense Force and asked if we would provide space for the militia to present an official statement regarding their intentions and beliefs. We are happy to provide the following statement in its entirety.

Recently, an article was published concerning Oklahoma’s constitutional militias. Oklahoma is known for being one of the most pro-gun and most conservative states in the union, there are many militia groups within the state who share the same ideals of liberty and constitutional governance. According to the United States Constitution, it is the militia made of the “people” that are to be responsible for defense and the preservation of liberty against not only threats from foreign invaders, but a tyrannical government as well. We must never forget that our nation was born in a struggle against tyranny and to believe that we could never face usurpations of human freedom again would be foolish.

The situation at the Bundy Ranch is a prime example. The federal government has many other methods in which it could have brought Cliven Bundy to justice, but chooses instead to use a “show of force” that reminds us of the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents. Many Americans, including militia members, being fed up with an overbearing federal government, who for many years, not just the past five, has been exercising authority that far exceeds its constitutional mandates; showed up in protest of their actions.

The Bundy Ranch is not the only place the BLM is conducting these land grabs. In fact, Cliven Bundy is the only remaining Rancher in the area due to the actions of the BLM and, as we speak, the BLM is in Oklahoma’s back yard attempting to seize 90,000 acres from a local rancher. In the face of such tyrannical actions Oklahoma’s militias ask; when will enough be enough?

In the above mentioned article, one militia member claimed that thousands of militia members were armed and ready to wage war with the federal government. While it is true that there are thousands upon thousands of militia members in Oklahoma, some of which that are at the Bundy Ranch in defense of Cliven Bundy, it must be clarified that no one is looking to “wage war” against the federal government. We are, however, prepared to defend the rights and liberties of Americans, our families and communities against a government that seems intent on pushing its “collective will” upon us. We did not look for this fight, nor did any militia in the United States for that matter push its will against the federal government.

If Americans took the time to do their own research, they would see that these “land grabs” are a part of a larger agenda to subvert our Constitution and our way of life. Unfortunately, too many Americans have yet to awaken and have become conditioned to just go along to get along. We were blessed to live in a nation in which our founding fathers not only created a system in which we have the rights to life, liberty and property, but it is recognized that the rights to defend these liberties are inherent in the nature of man. Our relatives die in foreign lands to defend these rights and sadly, in many cases, we are watching as Americans let them go for false promises of security. It should be noted that government alone is the cause of over 100,000,000 murders throughout the twentieth century. The constitutional militia is the last line of defense against any who would threaten the liberties passed onto us by our forefathers.

While The Oklahoma Defense Force is not looking “to go to war” with the federal government, we do support Cliven Bundy and stand ready to act in his defense. We are also watching the developing situation in our own back yard and have made contacts with other groups across the Red River. We stand prepared to act in defense of liberty there as well if the situation demands it.

Molan Labe

The Oklahoma Defense Force III%

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