Oklahoma Repeals Common Core But Still Uses It


On June 5th of 2014, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law, a bill officially repealing the nationalized “common core” standards. This was due to the massive efforts of grass-roots organizations like R.O.P.E , led by Jenny White and the Tulsa 9/12 movement.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court even upheld the repeal in the face of efforts to have the new law overturned. The state (with the exception of the far left liberals), was relieved that the national education standards were repealed because “common core” education is as controversial as any one subject can get. From the fuzzy math standards that only seem to confuse kids, to the leftist lean in history lessons and interpreting our constitution, common core is essentially nothing but a Soviet-style education system that enables the government to decide who and what you will become when you grow up.

Not only does Common Core attempt to teach blatant lies while seeking to create a completely docile society, they are also using the educational platform to push their radicalized views of sexuality on our children. I wrote in my article Child Sexual Abuse and the Repeal of the Age of Consent Laws about the efforts of radical groups like GLSEN and NAMBLA to infiltrate our schools and push their sick, demented views on children. They are attempting to normalize pedophilia and turn it into the next human rights movement. I illustrated this as well in my last article here at For Truths Sake, Sexualizing Your Children With Values Clarification Education.

Furthermore, spokespeople for these groups like Gerald Hannon and Kevin Jennings admit to using “civil rights” like tactics to get into the schools. One of these tactics involved lying about the number of homosexual kids who have killed themselves (basically the issue of bullying was used), and another was using the AIDS issue to teach their version of safe sex. These tactics are successful in much the same way accusing people of racism is, and as a result, these people have gotten into our schools and pushed their demented views onto our children. For example, an eighth-grade class in Kansas was instructed to discuss how people express their sexual feelings, and a poster was posted on the wall listing explicit sex acts that I don’t even want to know about. Another example includes a Wisconsin elementary school introducing the subject of “masturbation” in the fourth grade, while proudly boasting that everything else will be taught by sixth grade.

This is sick; however, I’m afraid that it is only the tip of the iceberg.  Just this week, a middle school in South Dakota was exposed teaching sixth graders the finer points of using a sex toy for masturbation, mainly, one of the “strap on” variety.

I can’t help but think that this is part of a larger effort to help the U.N. achieve its population reduction goals. Teach kids about birth control, masturbation, homosexuality and abortion as opposed to the virtues of raising a family and believing in God. They are deliberately trying to impose their sick values on them so that when they grow up they will automatically be supporters of the homosexual agenda, even if they themselves aren’t gay.


Another example of a Math Common Core book

I went through all of this so I could get to my main point. As I said above, the State of Oklahoma supposedly repealed the Common Core standards because so many people in the state were opposed to them; however, the law wasn’t actually repealed. Let me explain. I recently discovered that both of my daughters’ schools are still teaching to the Common Core standards. I know this because my oldest has a Common Core geometry book, and my youngest is still bringing home worksheets that say common core math on them. They attend public schools in Tulsa County Oklahoma where the school superintendent makes over $200,000 a year incidentally, but I digress. I called the schools of course, but I will tell you, all I got was excuses. I was told by one school that even though the law was repealed, they had ordered their textbooks before the repeal, therefore, they had to use them.

Here is the part that should concern any parent; there is absolutely no accountability here whatsoever because not only did I call the school, I also called the Governor’s office, Tulsa Public Schools, Oklahoma Dept of Education and my state senator’s office, all of which told me to call the school because it was their issue. Talk about being given the runaround. This is what happens when people have no interest in politics.

So there you have it, we officially live in a country where the law simply does not matter and people with power and prestige can drive on with whatever agenda they see fit because they know best. President Obama has set a fine example of ignoring the law of the land, so why would anyone else in government elect to do so? I think they better remember this when they decide to outlaw our guns because lawlessness begets lawlessness, and I am under no obligation to follow the dictates of those who ignore the law, Just sayin’.

Oh, by the way, the two public schools in question are Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences and Hoover Elementary.


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