Oneida Cheerleaders Give a Poke in the Eye to Prayer Ban


Years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee asked the Oneida High School to stop announcing prayers over their PA system. Instead of opposing the communist ACLU, the school pandered to them, changing “prayer” to a “moment of silence” (whatever that is). Apparently, the young people are doing what the parents wouldn’t do and that is take a stand and poke the ACLU in the eye. This past week as the moment of silence was called for Asia Canada, the co-captain of the cheerleading squad joined hands with her fellow cheerleaders and began to recite the Lord’s model prayer from Matthew 6. What took place next was a show of resolve as the visiting team’s cheerleaders, as well as the crowd began to pray the prayer together.

WBIR reports:

“He called for the moment of silence, and I started off, ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ and everyone joined in,” Asia told WBIR 10News on Monday.

Now it has become a tradition before every home game; the cheerleaders lead the prayer – not over the PA – but with their voices. Their fight against restrictions has now reached the national media outlets, including Fox & Friends on Fox News.

On Friday morning, Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed Canada and her fellow co-captain Alley Myers on Fox & Friends. The girls told Hasselbeck that their community needs prayer, especially before football games.

“We pray for the safety of each and every player out there, and the cheerleaders, and the fans for their drive home,” Myers told Hasselbeck. “I just feel that it (prayer) needs to be in football games.”

For Canada, it was a moment she’ll never forget.

“It was an unforgettable moment, just hearing everybody reciting the Lord’s Prayer. It was amazing,” Asia told Hasselbeck.

Meyers told Fox and Friends, “Our community needs God in it, especially at football games.”

It’s good to see that there are those in the younger generation who are not afraid to call upon God and to honor Him in public. It’s just a shame that parents are not speaking out on the issue more or even better, removing their children from these government indoctrination centers.

They are godless state run facilities.

Many people have supported the team and the cheerleading squad from across the country. In fact, a community supporter is selling $15 t-shirts that read, “Keep Calm and Pray On.” The supporter is donating all the proceeds to benefit the Oneida High School Cheerleading Squad.

A moment of silence, in this author’s opinion, is akin to Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol that he told all the people to bow down to. In America, an idol is not erected per se, but rather the idol is the state. Along with the pressure of the ACLU and other groups, people are bowing to the state by recognizing a “moment of silence” rather than calling upon the living and true God.

May the Lord grant these young ladies and others the grace to stand and do what is right always, even if there is a ban and consequences that follow honoring God.

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