Organizing for Action: A Slush Fund to Enrich the Obamas


We all know that ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) was just another corrupt outfit used to siphon money from “useful idiots” and re-distribute wealth and encourage voter fraud, but what about President Obama’s own “Organizing for Action”? I mentioned in a previous article that President Obama’s real talent is not for being a leader, but instead lies in his ability in asking for other people’s money. Just where does all the money he asks for go? No one really knows the answer to that question. Well, some of it goes into his own tax exempt outfit “Organizing for Action.” Money donated to OFA conveniently and mysteriously disappeared down into a black hole of non-accountability.

Here is an example of just how some of that money is spent, in the form of propaganda from OFA “Truth Team,” where he spins lies to make you believe that his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, is benefiting you.

OFA’s own “Truth Team” writes:

“Obamacare means affordable coverage and the security of knowing you’ll be taken care of if you or a family member falls ill or has an accident. It’s what millions of insured Americans are already experiencing thanks to the law. And it’s what more than 30 million additional Americans will finally have the opportunity to sign up for when the new health insurance marketplace opens on October 1st.

Despite the successes, we’re already seeing, opponents are still working to roll back the law. Now, just 20 days before the uninsured gain access to the new marketplace, these opponents are trying to chip away at one of the most important pillars of that affordability and security: financial assistance for middle class families.

That’s right. Thanks to Obamacare, help is available to make the cost of coverage affordable for millions of middle class families—as well as those working to get into the middle class.

How does it work? If you’re purchasing individual insurance and you earn less than $45,000 per year, you could be eligible for financial assistance to help you pay for health insurance. A family of four that earns less than $94,000 would also be eligible. And that also applies to people who currently buy their own health insurance—nearly half of them will be eligible as well.”

I personally find the above excerpt quite hilarious! It seems that President Obama and his “Truth Team” are ignoring the fact that he has been elevated to the status of telling “The Lie of the Year.” Also, “Organizing for Action” originally began during Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 as “MyBarackObama.”

In an article from, Ed Hubbard writes:

“MyBarackObama was an interface for campaign supporters to create online identities, connect with other supporters and publicize their campaign activity.”  The website address was “,” and the email addresses for contacting the site or a campaign operative was “[email protected].”  As the Salon article went on to state, “[s]hortly after Obama took office, Democratic planners moved the MyBarackObama listserv and online community into the apparatus of the Democratic National Committee, converting it into Organizing for America.”  After being maintained by the DNC until the 2012 presidential election cycle, the same “listserv and online community” using the same email address became part of the Obama re-election campaign, known as Obama for America.  Then, after Election Day, November 6, 2012, this “listserv and online community” using the same email addresses used since the 2008 campaign, morphed yet again.”

By January 18, 2013, what started out as MyBarackObama, then became Organizing for America, then became Obama for America, and had now become Organizing for Action, a 501(c)4, tax-exempt “social welfare” organization.  That’s right … within just 73 days after the election, the application to convert Obama’s campaign database into a tax-exempt “social welfare” organization to shelter its future donors from disclosure had been prepared for, submitted to, and approved by the IRS—that same group that could not figure out how to “provide good customer service” and evaluate the Tea Party applications since 2009.  The political importance to the Democratic Party of maintaining Obama’s database in this fashion cannot be underemphasized.  In a revealing interview from February of this year.

So, the Obama IRS facilitated the use of “social welfare” status by Obama’s Chicago-based campaign apparatus to maintain its database for use by the Democratic Party in perpetuity without ever having to disclose its donors in the future.  If Obama’s campaign apparatus is a “social welfare” organization, then we have a more serious problem with the IRS, and this administration, than just a biased enforcement against conservative groups—it is the biased use of government power to benefit one set of political views and one political movement, while using that same power to suppress the opposing political view or movement.

Now, from what I’m seeing, the president has been raking in the cash since the very start of his campaign in 2008 and well into his second term. Isn’t it convenient that he has tax exempt status that prevents any prying eyes from really knowing just how much money he has managed to take in? Yet, there are still Tea Party and Conservative groups that are waiting for their tax exempt status. Given the vast amounts of un-declared money that OFA has brought in from its conception, one has to wonder, just where all of this money is really going. As I see it, Obama is building up quite the nice little “nest egg” for his retirement, and this doesn’t count his book sales and his salary as president. I’m not a detective like “Sam Spade,” or a rocket scientist like Wernher Von Braun, but I can see that something really fishy is going on here.

This isn’t even counting the nine trillion tax payer dollars in deficits that Obama has managed to spend in only five years, bringing our national debt to over 17 trillion dollars. Where did all that money go? Obama is always talking about the “middle class,” but in reality, the only person who is truly benefiting from any of this is Obama. Here’s the real kicker in all of this folks; if he doesn’t get cash handed to him by “useful idiots” like liberals and movie stars, he just takes it from you in the form of all those taxes that he has implemented.

It’s good to be the king, isn’t it?

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