Leon Panetta: International Coalition Trumps Constitution


As I write this I am furious, furious at the audacity of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. First the sickening statements the man made on 60 minutes in regards to assassinating US citizens and now the video that comes out with him before the Armed Services committee.

Let me set it up. Rep. Jeff Sessions was questioning General Dempsey at first and asked him point blank about what law the military serves under. The General replied with three things.

1) At the consent of a foreign government (by invitation). This is partially correct, if it is deemed ok by the Congress and President under the Constitution.

2) National Self Defense which is a “clear criteria”. Again, as approved of by Congress and the President under the Constitution.

3) International Legal Basis. Uh oh!

There is no other authority appealed to in the US Constitution. This General has forgotten his place and Sessions calls him on it. He pointed out that the legal basis is not NATO or the UN.

He then turns to Panetta, who quite honestly I loathe to even look at after the 60 minutes interview. It is a sickening thing when in America those in leadership positions would advocate a complete disdain for the Constitution and decide behind closed doors which Americans to kill and which ones not to because they “think” they are terrorists, without due process and without evidence.

Panetta’s answer, though sad, was almost laughable as he stated that the United States should see International legal basis for war, like we did in Libya. Now I’m with Sessions in all of this and Sessions made it quite clear that Congress was not and has never been approached on the issue of the military being used in Libya.

Furthermore, I would point out that we were in league with Al Qaeda. Now, that alone should tell us something. Those in government who passed the NDAA and the President who signed it clearly stated that those involved with Al Qaeda were considered terrorists. Can we not safely assume that the President and Leon Panetta and anyone involved in the Libyan fiasco were working with terrorists? Again, where is the outrage among the American people over this? Where are the calls for impeachment and the rightful punishment under OUR law for traitors? Where is it?

Sessions tries again. I think he is just astonished to the point that he cannot believe his ears of what is being said. He asks Panetta if the DOD can set up a “no fly zone” in Syria without Congressional approval and Panetta just will not answer the question but sidesteps it to say he would seek international approval and then decide if he “wants” to get permission from Congress.

My fellow Americans, Panetta and Obama do not have that privilege under our law to do that.. They are to expressed get permission from Congress. That is the point Mr. Sessions is making. Panetta is showing his disdain for the Constitution and quite frankly we all know Obama despises it, though he will give lip service to it.

When asked what legal basis there would be for such an operation, Panetta said that NATO and Un resolutions were a legal basis. Those are entities, not legal basis. We’ve been going down this road a while with Bush 2 and now we are seeing it full force with the current occupant of the Oval Office. International law DOES NOT trump the Constitution. It just doesn’t and anyone who thinks differently who has taken an oath to defend and protect the Constitution is thinking in a manner that is contrary to their oath. Those who actually act on it, such as Mr. Panetta and Mr. Obama are in clear violation of the Constitution and should be called on it and dealt with as traitors by those who have the authority to do so.

They have spat upon the Constitution. They willfully and knowingly reject the law of our land in favor of something else. They try and do this as Panetta stated near the end by saying that the Constitution only applied to National Defense, not to International coalitions.

Now it’s out in the open and even Sessions, though stunned and astonished, isn’t calling it what it is: Treason against the Constitution and treason against the American people. If they are willing to do that and we allow it, then I ask what will keep an “international authority” from bringing war crime charges against our leaders and soldiers just like they did at Nuremberg? Our representatives need to get some backbone and deal with these people and reign them in before it is too late, but it seems many have been content to merge at least 2 branches of government into one and give up the balance of power. God help us!

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