After the Paris Murders – Here Come the Excuses


The number one story in the world is the attack in Paris on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. They are infamous for publishing cartoons depicting Islam and the Prophet Mohammed in a less than attractive light.

Charlie Hebdo is known for its provocative material and lampoons everyone, yet it’s only radical Muslims who believe this satire to be so offensive as to murder the offenders.

But wait – Howard Dean says the murderers were not even Muslim. He said “I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They’re about as Muslim as I am.”

Yes, Howard, let’s all separate the religion of peace from terrorism. Do you study the Quran or pray five times a day? Do you even know in which direction is Mecca? These guys are as Muslim as you are a complete leftist jerk. In other words, 100%. reported that in the video of the attack “one of the gunmen purportedly said ‘Allahu Akhbar’… and was reportedly heard shouting ‘we have avenged the prophet.'”

The article continued: “Some are speculating that the attack was conducted in response to controversial caricatures… critical of the Islamic prophet.” Many others and I have seen and heard the footage. There is no purportedly – no guesswork – no maybes. They shouted – we heard it. And “some are speculating”? Really? No one with a brain is speculating, you spineless weasels!

Now as the hard left predictably does – out comes the moral relativism. The Financial Times writes: “for now, the perpetrators are unidentified. We need to keep in mind that the worst terrorist outrage in Europe of recent years, the murder of 77 people in Norway in 2011, was committed not by Islamist militants but by a far right fanatic…”

Normally when authorities announce that the perps are unidentified, they mean, they don’t yet specifically know who they are – their names, etc., but we all know what the Financial Times means by this. They mean – just wait – they may not be Muslims (we hope). We should wait and see – when any reasonable person knows full well who they are.

And these were not just some ragtag terrorist want-to-be’s. These guys had some training. As a former Navy SEAL said: “they were trained – they had some muzzle discipline,” meaning they knew, to some extent, how to maneuver and handle their weapons properly.

The Financial Times also pointed out the “rising tensions among France’s 5 million or more Muslim citizens and the poisonous legacy of French colonialism in north Africa.” In other words, we really can’t blame them after what the French did centuries ago.

Then there’s the leftist rag The Guardian which writes that “Observant Muslims anywhere would be angered by such images…” and that “Islam is not unique. Judaism forbids the use of ‘graven images’ and Christianity has at times frowned on visual representations of sacred figures, allowing only the cross to be depicted in churches.”

Oh, but Islam is indeed unique. Jews don’t shoot up schools and workplaces when their beliefs are mocked or their race is denigrated, as it is almost daily. I don’t recall groups of “radical Christians” shooting and beheading people after the showing of “Piss Christ,” or any of the other disgusting portrayals of Christ or Christianity.

How about this. How about we stop making excuses for these barbarians and call them who they really are – the true face of modern-day evil.

I’d like to close just slightly off topic, yet still pertaining to the French tragedy. It’s a quote from our brilliant Secretary of State, John F (for fool) Kerry.

“No country knows better than France that freedom has a price, because France gave birth to democracy itself. France sparked so many revolutions of the human spirit, born of freedom and of free expression,” Kerry said.

Um – John… How could the French Revolution which began in 1789 and ended in 1799 be the birth place of democracy when it was our American Revolution which inspired the French, and our revolution ended in 1783?

And although we are not a true democracy, we were actually the inspiration for the French, and thus democracy’s true birthplace, you rube.

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