Passports Shown at the MH17 Crash Site in Pristine Condition


This is a picture of the downed MH17 flight.

Take a close look at it. Carnage. There have been other, far more graphic pictures shown on the internet, bodies and body parts strewn around, blackened wreckage, small fires still burning. Also on the internet are seemingly innocent pictures of some of the luggage and belongings of those ill-fated passengers. Like this one…

Courtesy of The Positive Vibe

The photographer was very lucky, look at the way the Amsterdam tee-shirt is laid out, and so clean, brilliant white, not a mark on it, in fact all the items in this photograph look no worse than they would look after a normal search at customs. Everything is clean, no smoke marks, no mud, blood or anything else.

This is even more fortuitous for the photographer, all the children’s items have landed in one place, how amazing after an explosion at 33,000 feet.

Photo Courtesy of AFP

Then of course there’s the issue of the pristine passports.


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