Paul Ryan Continues to Lie about Budget Cuts & Balanced Budgets


Yesterday Guy Benson, a contributor, wrote a piece entitled “Paul Ryan Introduces Balanced Budget, Democrats React Predictably.”

The article begins: “There was some debate over whether House Republicans would offer any spending blueprint for fiscal year 2015, as some argue it would only hand Democrats ammunition ahead of the midterm elections. In light of the Ryan-Murray compromise spending caps that last for two years, why bother advancing a detailed budget?”

Yes, we wouldn’t want to hand the Democrats any ammunition. That would be terrible. But I guess “some” would be right, assuming the “some” are the establishment Republicans, who cower at any mention of a spending cut, real or fake, and who can’t argue in favor of cuts because they don’t believe in them – unless of course they’re the fake kind.

Benson goes on to catalogue the Republican “Path to Prosperity.” According to Paul Ryan, his “Path to Prosperity” balances the budget in 10 years.

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Okay, to the average citizen, that sounds good, but we are not average. We follow this stuff closely, so we know that’s a lie and if not an outright lie, Ryan knows it won’t happen. He must. The next Congress can and will simply rewrite it and if not that one, then the next and so on.

It’s like saying global warming will kill us all in 20 years. You don’t have to prove it. You can just say it.

Here’s a good one: Ryan states that the government is set to spend about $48 trillion over the next decade. That’s $4.8 trillion per year. The Ryan budget will supposedly cut a whopping $5.1 trillion over that same period. That sounds like a lot until you do the simple math.

Those who subscribe to the Common Core math curriculum – do not attempt this!

48-5.1 = 42.9

42.9 divided by 10 years = 4.29

So the Ryan plan will spend an average $4.29 trillion per year. Wow! Happy days are here again! By the way – the government currently takes in about $2.7 trillion per year.

Ryan also claims his plan will, “secure the safety net by strengthening work requirements for able-bodied adults receiving welfare and food stamps.”

I am all for every able-bodied man, woman and child (kidding about the children) getting off welfare, but don’t we need jobs for them? Don’t we need employers to do well enough to hire, and all that?

After quoting a few more Ryan budget tidbits – Benson compares it to Obama’s budget proposal of taxing, spending and zero reform. The first item is that the Obama budget “Never balances. Ever,” and “increases spending. Ballooning the national debt…”

He neglects to say that the Ryan budget will do the same thing.

Benson ends the article with a screed by Dirty Harry Reid: “The budget proposals drafted by the House budget Chairman Paul Ryan have been a blueprint for a modern Kochtopia. It’s a Koch budget.”

Boy, are the Koch brothers living rent free in Harry Reid’s head, or what?

So, I wonder, is this all just theater, because it sure seems like it. The establishment Republicans propose something that, as long as no one thinks about it, sounds good. Then, predictably, the Dems complain. Then the establishment throw us conservatives under the bus and effectively side with the Democrats.

It makes one wonder if this is scripted ahead of time and just rolled out like some off-off Broadway production.

Is anyone else as tired of watching the same old production as I?

Editor’s Note: To see what real spending cuts look like, take a look at these two proposals here and here.

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