PCUSA Fully Apostatizes from Christian Faith in Redefining of Marriage


It has been a long time coming, but the Presbyterian Church USA has finally apostatized from the faith. Many would say that this was official when they began to ordain women, but others would have held out hope for repentance. Now there seems to be little doubt. The General Assembly has voted to redefine marriage. And though I intend to deal with sodomy, the point of the piece is the Church.

Christian News reports:

Regional presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) are voting on whether to ratify a vote taken by the General Assembly and regional delegates last year to change the definition of marriage in its law book and to allow ministers to perform same-sex “marriages” in states where the practice is legal.


Last June, the General Assembly of PCUSA, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, voted 76-24 to allow licensed ministered to officiate such ceremonies. Delegates within the denomination also approved a proposal to change language in the PCUSA Book of Order to redefine marriage from being a union between “a man and woman” to rather only “two persons.”

The subject has been brought back to the news by the voting of nearly forty percent of these regional presbyteries. There is clear indication that the measure will pass, and the PCUSA will redefine marriage in their book of church order. Of the 83 presbyteries who have already voted, 60 have passed the measure, and only 23 have voted it down.

It is not all bad news, in the face of stiff opposition there are some who have taken a stand. Christian news reports:

“This is a clear departure from the plain meaning of the Scriptures on the subject,” the Presbyterian Lay Committee, which opposes homosexual behavior, said in a statement. “This is also a clear indication that the denomination has made up her mind to go her own way—in direct contradiction to the way set forth by God.”

Here is the issue at hand then. What can or cannot a Church decide on? Can we, at a whim, redefine something? Well, yes and no. You see though we may all agree that there is room for improvement and correction. We cannot go to how we feel in order to make such decisions. But we can see that this is exactly how this group is making decisions. Christian News further reports:

“I was certain this day would come sooner or later,” Janet Edwards, an ordained minister who serves on the board of the homosexual advocacy group More Light Presbyterians, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I think the reason it has come sooner is because of the fantastic love of lesbian and gay couples. We see in these couples such a commitment to each other, which we all recognize as marriage.”

There may be a pragmatic sense in which what Edwards says is true. They may have affection for one another, they may be committed, but we do not get to define what marriage is. God has already done that, and though He has given His Church much freedom, He has told us:

For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished. – Matt. 5:18


Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away. – Matt. 24:35

Meaning of words might change over time, but God’s Word and what He has decreed does not change. If we forget this, we will, like the PCUSA, become our own gods.  I deal with the Law of God and our need for it in our Christian walk in my new book, An Everlasting Covenant.  Buy it now for a fuller understanding of what God’s Law is so important.


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