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Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

This is Saul Alinsky’s 13th rule of power tactics in Rules for Radicals. It, essentially, means drawing all attention to a particular person or institution in an effort to demonize, ridicule and completely discredit the chosen target. By freezing the target, you ensure that all eyes are upon it. By polarizing it, you ensure the target is isolated and appears, for all practical purposes, to be the blame for all things. By personalizing it, you ensure your targeted population can relate with not only the purported evil, but the desired solution as well. This tactic is played out very well in many situations.

The most obvious example is how the NRA and the Second Amendment is to blame for all violence in this country. You would think that the left would want to hold kitchen knife manufacturers to the same standard as gun owners seeing as though mass murders are just as easily committed with them as they are with guns. We all know it isn’t life that the left cares about. In fact, their relentless pursuit against gun owners’ rights is indicative of how little they actually value your life. Knowing criminals will never surrender their weapons, they advocate for policies that leave you defenseless in the wake of another shooting in a “Gun free zone.”  Brilliant!

While the constant attack on gun owners’ rights is but one small example of this tactic being played out on a daily basis, there is another one that may have much larger consequences; “white privilege.” With each and every passing day there is increasing opposition to the Obama administration scandals and Obamacare, the left responds with increased attacks against whites by accusing us of being racist and privileged.

We have even seen the first lady of the United States suggest to high school students that they monitor their parents’ speech for racist overtones. It’s as if the left has decided that the only thing standing in their way of a socialist utopia is the white male and, therefore, he must be thoroughly destroyed. By accusing him of having privileges he has not earned, and being racist simply because he is white, the left is effectively isolating us as a target and focusing the rage created by their lies onto us simply because we are white.

When you examine the very nature of the white privilege argument, you realize that its advocates have got to be the racist ones because it all revolves around minorities not being “able to compete” in a white man’s world. Advocates of white privilege are generally godless progressives who believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution. When looking at it through this perspective it becomes easy to understand why liberals, or “progressives” for that matter, believe that minorities need government welfare and that white people are privileged. What they are really saying is that they believe they are better because they are white. It is this feeling of superiority that causes them to support this backwards definition of racism where believing that minorities are just as capable as a white man is racist, while the opposite is considered enlightened and educated.

The best example I can give which illustrates the depths in which the left is pounding this into our heads against our will is what I witnessed at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  I was told that I was unfit for the field of social work because of my opposition to white privilege. Not only that, I witnessed one of my professors literally give an assignment in which students were to admit that they didn’t realize how racist they were by giving an oral presentation in front of the class. I refused by sitting in front of the class and declaring that being white doesn’t make me racist.

Walter Williams, writing for the New American, highlights the rantings of a former high school teacher, Kim Radersma, as she goes on about how teaching is purely political.  She also compares being white to alcoholism in the sense that just as alcoholics are never rid of the urge to drink, whites are never rid of the evils of racism. She claims that racism is so deeply embedded in her that she has to make a conscious decision to behave in a non-racist way every day. This type of behavior sounds an awful lot like a typical democrat to me.

White people, or rather, “white men” are being blamed for everything from climate change, to poverty. Capitalism is evil because it is the result of “white privilege” and the racist attitudes of white men that use it to suppress minorities. This is according to critical race theory, or “black liberation theology.” 

Speaking of black liberation theology, another thing I was taught in college was that black men would never be able to be friends with white men unless the white man acknowledged all the horrible things they had done to blacks in America. White privilege is also being used as the scapegoat in the recent shootings/stabbings/vehicular assaults in California. A gender studies professor, (yes there is such a thing,) at Rutgers University is actually claiming that white privilege is the reason for murder. Not only is this person an idiot for failing to realize the California shooter was half Asian, she seems to forget the young black kids being gunned down by other black kids in Americas “Gun Free Zones.” Inner cities that are always governed by Democrats I might add.

Advocates of white privilege are truly the new fascists of the day. Many may ask why they do not see the hate and discontent being spread by this “reverse racism.” Its time people open their eyes and see this for what it is, a relentless attack against our cultural and national identity. This is an all-out assault against the last stronghold holding out against socialism folks, and that stronghold is the American people. They are trying to break us down.

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