Police Departments' Double Security Standards on Protests


So what if a group of patriotic Americans wanted to gather to protest the growing problem at the southern border? Say the event was to be called “Shut Down All Ports of Entry.” The group’s plan would be to peacefully block 17 ports of entry between the United States and Mexico stretching from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas. The protesters would just drive to the border and park their vehicles in front of any entry point to block it. That’s it – just peacefully attempt to stop all traffic entering the U.S. from Mexico.

But to what end? What might this group hope to accomplish?

The group’s goals, according to Indiana-based protest organizer Rob Chupp, include the immediate release of active duty Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who was arrested in April in Mexico for bringing loaded weapons into the country after apparently making a wrong turn at the San Ysidro port of entry in Southern California. Chupp’s group also wants the U.S. government to “secure our borders and protect the citizens in America from foreign threats.”

Fox 5 San Diego reported that the event organizer Stasyi Barth said, “We need to bring attention to the border.” Barth explained that she is frustrated with Congress’s inability to secure the border and get a handle on the nation’s illegal immigration issue.

Barth added: “We’re going to stay at the bridges until our demands are met. We have a Marine that has been wrongly imprisoned in Mexico and abandoned by the government. We need to bring him back to his mom and dad immediately. Second, we need to seal off the southern border.”

The protest, which appeared to have at least 2000 volunteers, was to occur on Saturday, September 20. Chupp claimed that an unnamed federal law enforcement body had advised the group to avoid certain ports because of potential threats from the terrorist group ISIS.

Wait… What?! A federal agency warns of threats by ISIS, and they don’t do anything more than say don’t go there?!

Now, this claim is unsubstantiated but, in my opinion, totally believable. And we all know at least one of the areas the feds are alluding to – the border between Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.

Last Friday evening, Barth wrote, “Stay safe, take lots of pictures, and enjoy expressing your right to peacefully assemble and air your grievances to your government.”

But at two o’clock in the morning, Barth posted an urgent message on her Facebook page. It began: “PROTEST IS CANCELLED…..PROTEST IS CANCELLED.”

Breitbart Texas reported receiving a message from Barth shortly after the post that read: “Cartel threatening mass bloodshed. One of the guys in Texas was followed into a Walmart, on the freeway, then approached at his hotel. At the same time, I got a bunch of requests to join the [Facebook] page from Sonora, Mexico. I grabbed as many as I could, but realized it was getting out of control fast, and I didn’t want them to see who the attendees were. This is after it was requested that we avoid certain areas, because of the recent border threats, unrelated to us. The cartel has people at every port listed… waiting for us, so I was told.”

Barth said, “Risking anyone’s life is not worth it. Your lives, and the lives of our law enforcement, are more important than any protest.”

In August, a similar protest was canceled after organizers claimed that they had been threatened by Mexican drug cartels. The organizer of that 30 vehicle border convoy, Eric Odom, canceled the rally meant for El Paso, Texas but did not specify which cartel might’ve threatened his group. Odom said, “We had to cancel because of death threats against our crew and convoy. We are not into that. We are a peaceful convoy and we want to show that the border is very dangerous and open.”

Now, you may remember this from just this past May – this billboard on an interstate outside El Paso Texas. The sign reads “Plata-O-Plomo,” which translates to “silver or lead,” a threat used commonly against police officers effectively warning that if they do not accept the cartels bribes they will be shot.


These cartels are not to be taken lightly, and like ISIS, they have no problem making a “public statement.” They are not afraid of law enforcement of any kind, and if they threaten you, you’d best heed the warning. They are ruthless.

So the question is, why wouldn’t our federal government or any law enforcement help in protecting this peaceful protest?

Well, Lieut. Carlos Jimenez of the Nogales Police Department said that it made “additional resources available,” while a spokeswoman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Nogales said in an e-mail that the agency “has contingency plans ready to put into place in the event of any protest or temporary blockage of traffic at our international border crossings.”

So the feds and local police will have additional security to thwart the protest, tow the cars and fine the protesters, but no additional manpower would be provided for security of the protesters.

Chief Jimenez said, “We’re preparing for the worst…” No, he wasn’t preparing to protect the protesters from violence. Of course not. They were preparing to stop only protesters.

Sure, that sounds perfectly reasonable and completely backwards.

So here are few questions to ponder. Now that the event has been canceled, will our own government really investigate the threat? Will they assure protesters’ security if the event were to be rescheduled?

And riddle me this. Picture the following scenarios and ask yourself if the “authorities” would react the same way they do with border security protests.

Gay Pride Parade canceled. Westborough Baptist Brigade threatens bloodshed.

La Raza Diversity March canceled due to threats from Minuteman Militia.

Muslim unity protest postponed indefinitely due to threats from the “Sons of Israel Front” (there is no such group, by the way).

Large “Unionize Walmart” rally canceled due to death threats by Right-to-Work group.

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