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So Britain is going to rely on the pitifully ineffective rabble at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), who is evidently screening Syrian Muslim refugees arriving in England this week. England’s Home Secretary has assured Brits that all is well, since they are taking in “refugees” direct from camps, and the UNHCR does impeccable screening of the “refugees.” In other words, “everything that can be done is being done.”

No, not everything. There is always another option, and that is to suspend or outright cancel any movement of “refugees” into the UK. But, evidently, this is not one of the options they are considering.

And why? Because, like liberals in the U.S., liberals in Europe #CareMoreThanWeDo, and will be as brainless as they must to prove it, even to the point of having their own citizens murdered.

But fear not, Brits, for officials have your back, as they “tighten border controls after it emerged two of the Paris gunmen arrived in Greece posing as refugees from Syria.” Wow – didn’t see that one coming, except that we all predicted just that quite some time ago. It is stunning how stupid the left is that they either couldn’t predict this or simply refuse to conclude the obvious out of fealty to political correctness.

As I said yesterday in my podcast, this is who these idiot officials are, and ours are no different. They are reactionary. We on the right predict that so-and-so will happen. It happens – the left is surprised and reacts with some temporary or faux fix. This is exactly the case here. We predicted – we guaranteed (at least, I did) that allowing the country to be overrun with Muslims who have zero interest in assimilation would end in disaster.

But neither politicians in Europe nor politicians in the United States listen to us. It is, once again, symbolism over substance and common sense. So when someone like actor Rob Lowe tweets out, “oh, NOW France closes its borders. #Hollande,” the response of the mindless Twitter drones should be predictable – and it was. They called him a racist and said he was “distasteful,” “disgusting,” and “inhumane.” The liberal press, predictably, echoed those sentiments. How is stating the obvious disgusting and inhumane? Maybe it’s a microaggression.

Meanwhile, stateside, Obama talking heads were busy defending their leader’s asinine statement that ISIS was not expanding its territory or influence and was, in fact, contained, thanks to Obama. Boy did that come back to bite him in the butt rather quickly. There’s nothing worse than being proven a fool almost immediately. He should have learned from his global warming compatriots that if you’re going to make idiotic statements, you have to stretch out the timeline – like we will suffer the consequences in 20, 30, 50, or 100 years. That way, when you’re wrong, most people who heard you say it will be dead by then.

Update: Obama releases another batch of terrorist commanders from Gitmo to the UAE, where they rejoin the fight to kill Americans and our allies. BRILLIANT!!

And then there is this, which I also predicted in my podcast as one of the likely scenarios to come out the Paris bombing. In Germany, things may be heating up, as hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” have already found their way in. One of the scenarios is what I call neo-nationalism – the natural backlash to Merkel’s liberal immigration policy.

A liberal German Green Party official came home to find a gallows spray painted on his front window with the word “Volksverraeter,” which means traitor. This, to me, is but the first volley of the backlash against German immigration policy.

“The situation that we have at the moment is leading to a split in society where people are drifting apart,” said Joachim Trebbe, a communications researcher at Berlin’s Free University. Citizens attending a rally told the Associated Press that they aren’t xenophobes, but rather ordinary people who simply feel frustrated that the government isn’t listening to their concerns.

This situation in Europe–Germany, in particular–is a powder keg, and it won’t take much to set it off. One attack like that in Paris and it will blow. One can only hope that policy changes will occur before it happens.

And the same can be said in this country, as the Obama administration attempts to mimic the same idiotic immigration policies.

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