Prince Andrew Does Not Deny Sex Slave Allegations at Davos (Video)


While the Prince Andrew sex scandal got buried after the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris, the royal is making the rounds back into the news cycle after lawyers of Virginia Roberts — a woman who claims she was forced to have sex with the prince while underage as a “sex slave” on billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s island — are formally requesting he respond to the allegations under oath.

That’s Roberts pictured below with the prince when she was obviously much younger. Below that is the prince hanging out with admitted, convicted, registered sex offender Epstein after the fact.



Here’s the back story in case you aren’t up to speed (Via The Mirror):

Prince Andrew’s tycoon pal may have taken compromising photos of him with the underage girl he is alleged to have abused.

Details buried in original court papers filed against pervert Jeffrey Epstein, 61, reveal that he recorded the sordid orgies he threw for VIPs at his luxury homes using cameras hidden in the walls of guest bedrooms.

The woman known as Jane Doe 3 – said to be 30-year-old Virginia Roberts – claims she was held as a sex slave and forced to sleep with the Duke of York in London, New York and the US Virgin Islands.

She says she was 17 at the time – under the age of consent in Florida.

One of the sexual encounters with the Prince, 54, is alleged to have taken place at an orgy involving other underage girls on Epstein’s private island.

The financier, who was jailed for 18 months in 2008 after pleading guilty to solicitation for prostitution, kept a sickening stash of images on a computer seized at his Palm Beach mansion in 2006.

Sounds like that guy better watch his back.

Meanwhile in the past few days, the media blew up once again with stories that the prince would directly address the charges at his keynote speech opening the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“The Duke is hosting an event for entrepreneurs… and is understood to have decided that the ongoing controversy will be an ‘elephant in the room’ if he does not tackle it head-on… Buckingham Palace has invited a TV cameraman, a photographer and a reporter to record what would be his first public comments about the saga since it began at the start of the month,” The Telegraph reported.

Below is video of the Prince’s “tackling” the controversy at Davos.

Notice anything… missing?

You know, like perhaps the whole tackling part?

“I just wish to reiterate and to reaffirm the statements which have already been made on my behalf by Buckingham Palace,” he said. “My focus is on my work and this evening’s reception allows me, uh, to tell you about just a couple of the initiatives that I have founded and am passionate about.”

Elephant in the room much?

Where is the denial, Andy?

I didn’t hear it, did you?

The palace has officially denied “any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors,” sure. But that guy? Reiterate which statements? He didn’t reiterate anything.

I watched it twice just to see if he maybe said it so fast, I might have missed it. Nope.

The official denial the palace was apparently banking on by sending a media crew is simply not there.

The Duchess of York has also tried to deny claims against Andrew, but it’s kinda hard to believe so much as a single word out of her mouth on the matter either, considering she previously took £15,000 from Epstein himself to help pay off her personal debts.

Meanwhile, an official letter was reportedly sent to Buckingham Palace from Roberts’ legal team, even though it is unclear whether or not Prince Andrew would have legal immunity even if he did commit the crime of which he is accused.

Via International Business Times:

Britain’s Prince Andrew may have immunity from prosecution for his alleged involvement with an international sex trafficking ring run by his former friend Jeffrey Epstein, as a result of a plea deal Epstein struck with the U.S. government, according to a British newspaper report.

According to the U.K.’s Sunday Times, Epstein secured a “non-prosecution agreement,” with U.S. prosecutors in 2007, which shielded both Epstein and any “potential co-conspirators” from several criminal charges in relation to the sex trafficking ring, which catered to wealthy clients.

Nice, right?

In other words, the average person would likely get in more legal trouble for jaywalking than this guy could get for being part of an international sex trafficking ring with a known registered sex offender.

What kind of sick world is this?


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