Pro-Gun Advocates Are Just Paranoid!


“The government is not coming to take your guns.”

True or false? The governments, both Federal and State, are now putting forth proposal after proposal to take guns. Some states are talking bans, confiscation, house-to-house searches. Is this enough evidence that the government is coming to take your guns? No? Let’s see now…
They’re coming to take the AR-15 and AK-47. AR-15 and AK-47 are guns. So they are coming to take guns. Just because certain guns will remain untaken does not alter this fact. Therefore, the statement “the government is not coming to take your guns” is false. They are coming to take someone’s guns.

This is no longer a debate. There is nothing to debate. It’s happening. There is only a decision to make. It is a decision whether or not to comply with fascism. For after they take your guns, they will take your land, your children, and your food. The only thing between you and slavery is the law, and a gun. Since the law no longer seems to matter, your last line of defense will be a gun.

How can I say that the law no longer seems to matter? Let’s talk about “waivers.” If something is illegal for one citizen, it is illegal for all citizens. If the AR-15 ever became illegal, it would be illegal for everyone. This would include the police. Otherwise, we must say that the police are no longer citizens, but the favored few. Now, in New York, citizens cannot own the AR but the police can. Such a waiver is evidence that equitable law no longer matters. Whether we speak of healthcare waivers or gun waivers, it’s the same inequity. Why should the police be able to carry an AR-15 which is forbidden to a citizen? If the answer is “protection” that begs the question, protection from what? Certainly the police are in harm’s way more often than the average citizen. But if the argument is efficacy of the AR-15, the net result is less safety for the citizen. For if the AR-15 is superior protection, why should the citizen accept mediocre? But if the argument is that the police have proper training, this is easily remedied. Simply make proper training a necessary caveat for owning an AR-15. The question of course becomes, “Who says what is ‘proper’ training?” Therefore we come to a fork in the road, where citizens do not trust their representatives, nor should they. History has proven time and again that power corrupts, and creates an elite class. And what is the hallmark of this elite class? That the law does not apply quite as much to them as to the rest of the citizenry.

We know that even our good police can sometimes abuse their power. Should it be that police can speed in their cars because they’re police?
Oh, they can get away with it. But it’s still illegal. The same applies to guns. Should the police be able to use certain guns because they’re police? The police cannot rightfully get a “waiver” to break the law. Nobody can get a “waiver” from what is wrong and right.
One can only get a waiver from the punishment for doing wrong.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I think the police should have the AR-15 or the Joshua Mk5 (shameless plug), but the police should not have weapons which law-abiding citizens cannot have. Otherwise, there is created a favored and elite class. If the law provides a “waiver” only for the police, this is an unbalanced law. We now come to the crux of the matter, which is: Those who benefit from an unbalanced law as this will also enforce that unbalanced law.

The danger here is the threat of fascism. “Waivers” permit the police to use an illegal AR-15 in order to take your AR-15. Their illegal guns will be used to take your legal guns which they have called “illegal.” In other words, the government will take your guns… and keep them for enforcing their wrong and unbalanced law! Such a law is not of the people, but of a fascist government, even a foreign government. For if they follow a different law, they are not of the people, that is, not true citizens. This reasoning is the exact foundation behind the Third and Fourth Amendments.

Now, to paraphrase Olivia Newton-John, let’s get paranoid. Will the communists continue down this road to disarm the individualists? Or will the communists defend the individualists against the fascists? If the communists were to rush to the aid of gun owners, they would seem as heroes. What an emotional coup for the hearts and minds of Americans! The communists protecting gun owners so that gratitude should abound. Such thankfulness for he who would relieve the pressure of this untenable situation! Such allegiance to the man who would appear to protect the Second Amendment! Then, a false sense of security based on an Overton Window paradigm. Many will trade liberty for the security of owning their guns once again, and big government will have proved its point; that it alone grants the right to bear arms.

Not paranoid enough for you? What about the latest bill to emerge from Washington State? Without warrant, the sheriff can come to your house to check for guns? In other words, they can pass into law anything they want? I imagine them saying, “Take it up with the Supreme Court.” Shoot first and ask questions later? No! The Constitution demands a warrant to search any house. The Constitution demands probable cause for that warrant. We are innocent until proven guilty. Is probable cause that I own a gun? Shall I be searched without a warrant? Am I presumed guilty first?

This is breach of the Constitution. If any politician knowingly breaches the Constitution, it is treason. What will the people of Washington State do? At the very least, one would think nullification of the law, and recall of the traitors. But in this one case the so-called representatives “thankfully” own up to their error. And so the people will sigh with relief and go back to sleep.

I could go on and on, but listen, none of this is really happening. It’s all a big misunderstanding and we’re overreacting. No one is proposing an endless money supply from the Federal Reserve. No one is proposing to cut our nuclear weapons arsenal. No one is running guns from Libya to Syria. No one is running guns in Mexico in order to make our borders less secure. No one is going to fly drones over your neighborhood. No one is teaching your children that capitalism is bad. There is no communist in the White House, and no one is coming to get your guns.

You’re just paranoid.

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