Public Schools Teaching ‘Math Ethnic Studies:’ Asks ‘Who Gets To Say If An Answer Is Right?’


Seattle Public School document says that math is oppressive

An Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee under the Seattle Public Schools Superintendent published a preliminary Math Ethnic Studies framework report populated by local representatives that explains math as a racist study used to oppress students and if you correct a student’s faulty math logic, you are guilty.


Math, in case you didn’t already know, is racist.

That appears to be the contention of Seattle Public Schools, which has offered a course for K-12 students titled “Math Ethnic Studies.” The framework for the class lists multiple themes, what students will learn from those themes, and important questions to be asked.

Origins, Identity, and Agency:

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The first theme, “Origins, Identity, and Agency,” is defined as “the ways in which we view ourselves as mathematicians and members of broader mathematical communities.”

“Mathematical theory and application is rooted in the ancient histories of people and empires of color. All human endeavors include mathematical thinking; from humanities to the arts to the sciences,” the framework continues.

The “learning targets” for this theme start off without a hitch, suggesting students taking the class will be able to “identify ancient mathematicians and their contributions to mathematics” and “know the continents and countries that were and are at the core of the development of mathematics.” Math history doesn’t seem so bad.

But then the course starts to go off the rails. Under “essential questions” students are asked the following questions, among others:

“What is my mathematical identity”

“How does it feel to be a Mathematician”

“What other mathematicians are in my learning community?”

“Is there an authority for math knowledge?”

“What stories are important to your cultural connection to mathematics?”

“What does it mean to do math?”

“How important is it to be Right? What is Right? Says Who?” More

Seems they can’t teach anything without teaching that there’s someone to hate. The purpose is to indoctrinate children to believe they are victims and oppressed. Math doesn’t have multiple solutions. It’s either right or wrong. The kids need to be told they are wrong even if it hurts their precious little feelings.

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