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There are two books I’d like to recommend to you, both of them by the same author – Daniel Estulin. He is an award-winning journalist (yes, an actual investigative journalist) who has uncovered many things that you will either find unbelievable or the pieces of the giant puzzle will finally begin to fall into place.

Unlike some, Estulin documents everything very well. In fact, you may have trouble getting through some of his material because it is so weighted down with documented facts. Nonetheless, I suggest that you do so anyway.

The first book I read from Estulin is called “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” and I have the most recently updated version, published in 2009. What I appreciate about Estulin is the fact that he says he has connections even inside that group known as the Bilderbergers (Illuminati, Global Elite, etc.) and the information he provides with separate documentation seems to support this claim. Those who want to find a way to deny or denigrate what Estulin has to say will do so, but his books – I believe – are at least worth a read.

Estulin covers the beginnings of the Bilderbergers, which goes way back and then to 1954 in the United States when things started happening here. It’s no surprise that David Rockefeller’s name pops up – often – because since the 1800s, that name has been synonymous with big business and success in America, along with J P Morgan, Carnegie and eventually, Ford. Vanderbilt came before these men.

It’s also clear from the perspective of other historians that the men named above did whatever they could to take and keep control of their vast empires here in America. Often, it didn’t matter what happened to “workers” as these men did everything they could to increase their wealth and power.

In fact, as the History Channel’s “Men Who Built America” points out, the main reason these men endeavored to build their empires was primarily due to their quest for power. Money was secondary. They did not pursue money for the sake of it. They pursued it because they knew that the more you have, the more you can control. That equals power. It is the same today.

With respect to the Global Elite (the Bilderbergers), Estulin notes that since 1954 officially, when they first met at the Bilderberg Hotel, the group seems to have been planning ways to hijack the world by consolidating their power. Wars and rumors of wars are one of the best ways this is accomplished because it destabilizes society, creating fear, and it allows these extremely rich and powerful (mainly) men to work one side against the other while their companies profit immensely from their artificially created conflicts and wars. I believe that is exactly what is happening now in North Africa.

Estulin also dissects the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission (TC; created solely by David Rockefeller), the North American Union (NAU) and other things as well. Overall, he provides an extensively documented background on the Bilderbergers and their plans, including names, meeting places, and much more. It is amazing how many of these names go from one administration to the other, regardless of whether the administration is from the Democrats or the GOP.

Another book that I would highly recommend is also by Estulin called “Shadow Masters.” At first glance, Shadow Masters is a book that is difficult to believe. However, because Estulin provides so much detail and connects so many dots, it’s also incredibly difficult to ignore or, in the end, disbelieve. The byline of his book states, “How governments and their intelligence agencies are working with international drug dealers and terrorists for mutual benefit and profit.”

In this book – once again – Estulin goes into tremendous detail. It is obvious that he has done a tremendous amount of research in order to follow the leads and connect the dots. He covers the conspirators – those who are working behind the scenes to create their own new world order (also referred to in the Bilderberg book as new world company). They’ve been at it for many decades and it simply passes from one generation to the next almost seamlessly.

He then puts the events that took place in Russia in the 1990s under the microscope. There, we learn just exactly how Russia was looted of much of her natural resources and how the ruble was decimated seemingly overnight, allowing the Global Elite to add to their immense wealth by actually stealing from individual countries. The Global Elite wanted to literally financially rape Russia (under Yeltsin) and leave Putin with nothing when he came to power. The way this happened is frightening and overnight, millions of Russian citizens were completely wiped out of everything they had. Could it happen in America? Yes, it could. In fact, the Great Depression was one such event created by the Global Elite.

Estulin also details the War in Kosovo. According to him, the Global Elite wanted Milosevic out and they determined the best way to do that was by inciting a war where he would appear to be the enemy. To do that, they thought it best to work with the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), which had connections to Islam. Osama bin Laden entered the picture here as well. Through trial and error, the Global Elite attempted to create war to knock Milosevic out of the game. Initially, the Global Elite’s plans did not go according to their desires, but eventually, they were successful. They have time and money on their side.

What is fascinating as well is how Estulin pulls the curtain back on the international drug trade. He examines how it works and how the illicit money from that trade literally props up numerous countries, including the United States. In essence, drug money – up to $700 billion annually – covers at least some of the United States’ debt as it is laundered through banks here and abroad. Without this money helping to artificially prop up our economy, it would cave in on itself. That is scary.

Estulin says the money from the drug trade is why too many politicians and businessmen turn a blind eye to the ills in society because they know that the international drug trade must continue because it has become an integral part of legitimate business.

Reading these (and other books that are also very well documented) is like having your eyes opened. If you don’t want your eyes open or don’t even want to consider the possibility of some illegitimate shadow government pulling strings, then don’t read these books. If you have a penchant for what may very well be the truth, then I cannot recommend them enough.

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