The Purge Three – de Blasio’s Revenge


The city of New York is going nuts over the grand jury verdict declining to indict the New York police officer that subdued Eric Garner. Protests are breaking out all over the city and it may be just a matter of time before they morph into Ferguson-type riots.

Now that all the strife is happening on the watch of lefty politicians, it seems they don’t quite know what to do. The radical rabble-rousers – the anti-establishment, authority hating leftists are now the ones in authority.

These guys, who no doubt hate the military and the cops, are now commanding them, and it seems to be unraveling around them. I’m not sure about de Blasio, but I believe Obama wants it this way.

Anyway, none of us were there on the scene in NYC, just as none were witness to the Ferguson incident, so I can’t say what really happened. Some say it’s clearly murder, while others say it was justified.

They should all just shut up. No one on TV, in print, or on the radio knows, so they are just stirring the pot. And that includes our elected leaders. Obama and de Blasio want now to outfit all cops with “gotcha” cameras to better police the police, because there are so many bad cops out there, don’t you know. We all know that the cops just can’t be trusted.

But de Blasio and New York City police Commissioner William Brennan want to go even further to corral their rogue force by sending them to three days of “sensitivity” training. The mayor said that “Fundamental questions are being asked, and rightfully so. The way we go about policing has to change. People need to know that black lives and brown lives matter as much as white lives.”

Wait… What?! They do? You mean the police need to begin policing the whites too? I never would’ve thought of doing that. Thanks Bill. What a jack*** and what a racist statement—and one that merely undermines your own police force.

Commissioner Bratton said the three day training period would entail “de-escalation” techniques, on the street tactics, as well as how to present a “non-judgmental” posture.

Well, that sounds like some real New Age, 21st-century feel-good policy, and I’m sure it will work out great for the officers who, combined with their paralyzing “gotcha” body cameras, will be afraid to even approach a perpetrator.

So, knowing, as Obama and the Blasio do, that all police are just thugs in uniform and need to get their heads right, I propose that all NYC police officers be shipped off to the three day reeducation camp at once, leaving no police presence in the city for that time.

It will be like The Purge – where anything goes. In the movie “The Purge,” the
everything-is-legal period was only for 12 hours. In “The Purge 2,” or whatever it was called (both were evidently pitifully stupid), I think it was the same. Don’t really know – don’t care enough to look it up. But in “The Purge 3 – de Blasio’s Revenge,” the citizens of New York City, and anyone else who wants to join in the merriment, will have three fun-filled days and nights without the oppressive presence of the jackbooted racist murderers, otherwise known as the NYPD.

It will be fun for the whole family. No doubt something Mayor de Blasio will be proud of, as will be many of the shop owners in the city.

Just ask the store owners in Ferguson, most of whom were minorities, how well no police presence went for them.

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